Thursday, 7 July 2016

On the US sanctions against the DPRK Supreme leadership

The US sanctions against the DPRK supreme leadership are another act of US aggression against People's Korea. It is completely out of order that they have targetted the supreme leadership of the DPRK . They have thrown any chance of a diplomatic solution or a negotiated.
If you look at the organisations and individuals targetted you can see that there is very clearly a regime change agenda by the US . The sanctions have nothing to do with "human rights " but everything to do with destroying the socialist system built by the Korean people over 70 years and everything to do with subverting the DPRK's independence and turning it into a colony or neo-colony just like Libya or Iraq. Included on the list is the Organisation and Guidance Department of the Workers' Party of Korea and party activists like Kim Ki Nam .
The leadership of People's Korea have done nothing wrong at . They have built the most independent country in the world. The real criminals and abusers of human rights are the US who have caused countless wars and have backed, in fact created fascist dictatorships all over the world!

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