Friday, 15 July 2016

UK KFA on the 4th Anniversary of the award of the title of Marshal to respected Chairman KIM JONG UN

UK KOREAN FRIENDSHIP ASSOCIATION                                

                        15th of July 2016.
     The UK Korean Friendship Association issued the following statement on the
occasion of the 4th anniversary of the award of the title of Marshal to the dear
respected leader comrade Kim Jong Un .This anniversary is on the 17th of July .Therefore we  extend our full congratulations to dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un on this significant  occasion.
   Some four years  have passed since the award of the title of Marshal to the respected comrade Kim Jong Un . During which he has led the Korean people  to thwart the grave challenges posed by the US imperialists and enemies of Juche socialism .Respected Marshal Kim Jong Un led the Korean people to defeat the counter-revolutionary anti-party factionalists and the US imperialists.
   Not only has the independence of the DPRK being safeguarded and consolidated a tangible contribution to world peace has been made .The line of building the economy and nuclear force in parallel has been splendidly applied. Recently the DPRK achieved a great success by launching an intermediate range ballistic missile,the Hwasong-10 as well as the successful nuclear test earlier this year.                                                               
    Dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un is a people's Marshal who shares
life with the ordinary people visiting soldiers on the front-line and ordinary  workers.Great achievements are being registered in the construction of socialism .Led by dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un the DPRK will win final victory and reunify the country.

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