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Short-sighted policy... About Russia's support for the United States on the issue of nuclear missiles in the DPRK

Short-sighted policy... About Russia's support for the United States on the issue of nuclear missiles in the DPRK

At a time when People's Korea, a small sovereign state,whilst experiencing the most severe sanctions, conquers new frontiers in the construction of people's happiness, a scathing press conference was held in Moscow, with the participation of the foreign Ministers of Russia and South Korea.

Sergei Lavrov said that Russia will not accept the self-proclaimed North Korea's nuclear status, he also noted that Russia from its part will make everything to push the DPRK on the path of denuclearization, which sounds like a threat. Perhaps he hinted at the fact that Russia wouldn't mind to sign some more sanctions against the DPRK.

Yun Byung-se(sk foreign minister), in his turn, noted that the DPRK's nuclear programme, is perhaps the most acute problem, and that it is an obstacle in establishing peace in the region. He said that the nuclear aspirations of the DPRK doing a rollback in inter-Korean relations, and create problems in cooperation with Russia on the lines of the Asia-Pacific region.

Well, what can we say? Treacherous circles in the Russian leadership are clearly not interested in the military-political and strategic cooperation that is so necessary in such a difficult time for Russia, but only in the economic relations, plus with a relationship of trust to a pro - American state - South Korea. Here it is worth mentioning the words of Sergey Lavrov, where he noted the importance of the participation of the South Korean side in the Arctic development and cooperation in information security.

Pursued by the treacherous policy circles rests on flirting with all forces in pursuit of their own economic interests that are, in fact opposed to the strategic interests of the Russian state.

A similar situation can be observed in the middle East with Israel as a den of Zionism and imperialism with nuclear weapons, on which Russian authorities prefer to remain silent.

It is very disgusting that in this difficult year, the Russian foreign Ministry and state television, have never reported a large-scale military manoeuvres of U.S. and South Korea, in which about 300 000 puppet troops and ~30,000 American troops took part.

By the way, I must say that recently on the TV channel "Russia -24" there was a hysteria about NATO on the borders with Russia. It was about a critical number of troops in the amount of 20-30 thousand, which leads to see the complete hypocrisy towards North Korea!

It is necessary to take into account the fact that the United States each year conduct near the borders of North Korea large-scale military exercises Key Resolve and Foal Eagle, which as usual was held in spring.

Despite this, the Russian foreign Ministry with the support of the media trying to link the fact of certain "violations" of UN resolutions and conducting annual exercises, adding for a desert "a violation of the UN Convention on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons", which in its essence is a blatant imperialist occupation Convention intended, judging by the real work of the UN, aimed not to protect the world from nuclear disaster, but to erase from the Earth small sovereign states with their national happiness!

If we look at the reports about the situation on the Korean Peninsula from March to April, what is clearly visible, is the libellous propaganda line, originating from throwing dirt at peaceful exploration of outer space – something that is not forbidden to any sovereign state!

It is worth noting that people who call themselves "experts", but in fact are political prostitutes, called the launching of the satellite "test of a ballistic missile". The test of a ballistic missile can be rightly called only the test, which is also testing the atmospheric re-entry of the warhead, with the subsequent hit/miss/ in a given square at a designated distance.

That is to say, the Russian media is reporting in such a way, as if the DPRK has earned such a response...

In fact, American imperialism, stimulated by the unwillingness of a genuinely sovereign state to raise his hands up, uses the fact of measures for the defence of Korea as a pretext to deploy more armed forces on the peninsula, with even more aggressive policy, blatantly distorting in the media the desire to pursue an independent policy as "aggressive behaviour that threaten the region and the world at large".

For example, what has never been reported in the Russian media, is that these exercise involved about 330 thousand soldiers, with all kinds of weapons, including nuclear, as well as working out a plan for preventive the elimination of the Supreme leadership of the DPRK, which is unprecedented. There is no limit to the indignation of the progressive people all over the world!

With all this, the position of the bourgeois circles in Russia is almost the same as the position of the US state Department, which is trying to pass on to the DPRK the responsibility for the escalation of tensions on the Korean Peninsula, citing "the North Korean nuclear threat", which in most reality is a program to curb these greedy flesh-and-blood predators like US, and in the presence of such unpredictable "allies" like Russia, which can deliver the DPRK into the hands of the imperialists a they did with Libya, as well as China that is not interested in the unification of Korea. Obviously, the current extremely dangerous situation is caused by the U.S., not by North Korea.

Exercises of this kind near the borders can in an instant either intentionally or because of force majeure to take the offensive, to restrain which the DPRK can only by using the nuclear armed forces that the DPRK is entitled to possess, when there is no other option to preserve the independence and sovereignty.

A nation that could master the creation of nuclear weapons is essentially a "grown up" nation, which in combination with the anti-imperialist ideology will never will use it for the outbreak of war, that is something that the ruling circles of the Americans and the Russians are bound to understand.

Finally I will say that in his speech Yun Byung Se noted that UN members should be more cohesive in making decisions, as if alluding to the decisive action of strangling the DPRK.

The UN is not a guarantor of security and peace in the world, it is a tool of enslavement, which serves in the first place not even to any individual countries like the United States, but to the whole ruling class!

Vitaly Lebedev

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