Friday, 1 July 2016

Ryomyong Street and Sanctions

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Ryomyong Street being erected in Pyongyang is now undergoing eye-opening changes day by day.
Shocked at the perfect success in the H-bomb test and launch of the Earth observation satellite “Kwangmyongsong –4”, the USA and its following forces cooked up vicious “sanction resolution No. 2 270” in the name of the United Nations Security Council on March 3.
In the “sanction resolution” against the DPRK, was brought up the item “ban on luxuries” like ski resort facilities.
It was the evil deed of the USA and its following forces to let them not to survive from “sanctions and blockade”.
But the DPRK responded with the construction of Ryomyong Street to their sanctions.
To their surprise, the DPRK decided to build such a giant energy-saving and green street in the 21st century within the year 2016.
Respected Marshal Kim Jong Un said that the construction of the street is not merely for formation of a street but serves as a political occasion of clearly showing the spirit of the DPRK standing up and keeping up with the world, despite all sorts of sanctions and pressure by the US imperialists and their followers, the appearance of the country advancing to realize the great ideal of the people and the truth that the DPRK is able to be well-off in its own way and nothing is impossible for it to do.
The army and people of the DPRK have risen up in the construction.
Builders of Ryomyong Street are working all night with the faith that the self-reliance and self-development is the best.
The skeleton of many dwelling houses were completed successively in 2 months after ground-breaking ceremony held on April 3, Juche 105(2016).
Since the beginning of June, over 100 dwellings have been built up in a day and about thousands of skeletons were already erected in all fields of construction.
DPRK will create new Mallima speed by completing Ryomyong Street within this year.

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