Friday, 31 July 2020

Japan's Foolish Deception Rebuked by KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, July 31 (KCNA) -- The Japanese reactionaries are planning to change the term "ability to attack enemy base" which they have long aspired to.

They are said to examine the plan for changing the term "ability to attack enemy base" into "self-defensive counterattack capability" and "active self-defensive capability" in order to avoid the "misunderstanding" of the former as a "preemptive attack capability".

Withdrawing the plan for deploying Aegis Ashore Interceptor missile systems deployed on land, Japan trumpeted about the said ability again. Japan's such moves have been denounced not only by Japan itself but by the world as an act away from the principle of "exclusive defense" and a violation of article 9 of the Constitution which prohibits the rights to fight and have army.

The Japanese reactionaries' current move to change the said term against this backdrop is a cunning trick peculiar to Japan that attempts to calm down the vigilance of the surrounding countries and legally possess the preemptive attack capability.

Moreover, Japan invented only such names highlighting "self-defense", the sign of its intention to cover up the nature of preemptive attack and invasion.

This reminds one of the ostrich policy.

Japan only seeks to achieve its ambition for overseas expansion by making its military force an armed force of aggression and attack worthy of the name, no matter what name it has.

Actually, Japan's recent military move is undesirable.

Allegedly to replace the plan for deploying Aegis Ashore that had already been withdrawn, Japan is examining, in a diverse way, the plan for transforming the naval escort of the Maritime "Self-Defense Force" into the one of offensive posture and building new Aegis ships.

It keeps purchasing Osprey transport plane needed for operating the amphibious task force of the Ground "Self-Defense Force" and has bought more than 100 "F-35" stealth fighters and cruise missiles, and is developing the fighters of the next generation and supersonic missiles to beef up its military muscle.

Meanwhile, it decided that the Maritime "Self-Defense Force" would participate in the 2020 RIMPAC joint military exercises and is unprecedentedly stepping up the overseas dispatch and military drill of the "Self-Defense Force".

All these moves are too dangerous to be taken as a "necessary, minimum step for self-defense" as touted by the Japanese authorities.

It is a stereotyped trick of Japan to invent an excuse for becoming a military giant and launching overseas expansion while getting vocal about "threat from outside".

It will be foolhardy for Japan to calculate that it can deceive the world public opinion with such a foolish trick.

The international community clearly sees through the island nation's ambition for invasion. -0

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