Saturday, 26 May 2018

UK KFA condemn Boris Johnson for advocating maximum pressure and sanctions against the DPRK


    26TH OF MAY 2018
The UK Korean Friendship Association issued the following statement concerning the latest utterances of Boris Johnson the Foreign Secretary of the British government ;
  Recently Trump the president of the US decided to cancel the planned and much talked about DPRK-US summit . Boris Johnson expressed "regret " over this but however went on to call for 
"maximum pressure " and sanctions to be applied to the DPRK and that the so-called "Libyan model " of "complete verifiable and irreversible  disarmament " should be applied to the DPRK .Thus Johnson is basically backing the most extreme war hawks in the US such as John Bolton and siding with the US imperialists in their wild anti-DPRK war moves.
  The so-called "complete verifiable and irreversible  disarmament" being touted by the US imperialists and other reactionaries is about denying independence to the DPRK and destroying its socialist system. The DPRK has stated that it will not become another Libya or Iraq .
  The UK government should not join the reactionary hostile acts of the US against People's Korea . The UK should not call for "maximum pressure " and "sanctions "  but instead should be in the forefront of getting the sanctions on the DPRK revoked !
  Moreover the UK has sent warships to Korean waters , this is a hostile act against the DPRK and is also siding with the US in its insidious war moves against People's Korea !
We demand that the UK stops backing the US in Korea , that the UK stops supporting "maximum pressure " and "sanctions " against the DPRK and that the UK withdraws warship and any other armed forces it has on the Korean peninsula !

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