Tuesday, 15 May 2018

How Human Rights Are Guaranteed in DPRK

Pyongyang, May 15 (KCNA) -- The human rights performance is the most serious problem in the world where many countries and nations and differing ideologies and systems coexist.

A lot of resolutions on the human rights issue have been adopted in countries and regions and international arenas. However, human rights abuses are still reported one after another around the world and conflicts and disputes among nations, tribes and races are getting more serious.

But, in socialist Korea, a good example in guaranteeing the genuine civilization and human rights is being set today when the rights of human being remain serious.

The Workers' Party of Korea established a people-centered state social system, in which the working masses are masters of everything and everything of the state and society serve them.

Under this system which gives top priority to the interests and convenience of the people, the Korean people are enjoying the genuine political, social, economic and cultural rights.

Ordinary citizens of the country such as weaver, miner, peasant and scientist are elected as deputies to the Supreme People's Assembly discussing the state affairs and represent the people's interests.

When many people of the world spend precarious days with worries about health care, education and housing, the DPRK has invariably enforced such people-oriented policies as free medical care, free education and free provision of houses.

The politics of love and trust taking care of the people's destiny in a responsible manner to the last have been enforced at a higher level century after century under the wise guidance of the WPK.

Kim Jong Un, the Supreme Leader of the Korean people, formulated the people-first doctrine as the guiding idea of the WPK and is making a new history of giving priority to the people and respecting and loving them with his warm affection.

The April 2018 Plenary Meeting of the WPK Central Committee set forth a fresh strategic line of concentrating all efforts on the socialist economic construction as well as a new strategic policy of bringing about a revolutionary turn in science and education. This showed its will to more dynamically accelerate the socialist construction and provide the people with a rich and highly-civilized life.

An American journalist, who visited the DPRK, noted in an article that the successes in free education, the fact there is no homeless person and the people's pride and confidence show more vividly the true picture of the DPRK. The Western society, including the U.S., does not know well about the DPRK and, in practice all the visitors to the DPRK were stunned to find that their experience there is utterly different from what they had had in their mind before, the article added.

In fact, the DPRK's socialism guarantees the genuine human rights institutionally, legally and practically. -0-

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