Wednesday, 30 May 2018

KCNA Commentary Ridicules Despicable Farce of LKP

Pyongyang, May 30 (KCNA) -- The "Liberal Korea Party" coteries of south Korea including Hong Jun Phyo staged a disgusting confrontational farce, to provoke laughter of the world people.

Hong called a press conference to make public an "open letter" reflecting the "request of LKP regarding U.S.-north Korea summit".

In the "open letter", the LKP raised "7-point request" to the U.S., in which it emphasized that no discussion on the reduction or withdrawal of the U.S. forces in south Korea should be made and the north's dismantlement of biological and chemical weapons and human rights issue must be tabled, while calling for "maintaining the principle of denuclearization".

It even reeled off rhetoric that "it truly hopes for substantial progress for the north's nuclear dismantlement" and that "gradual lifting of sanctions on the north out of political consideration and judgment would bring the worst disaster to the Korean peninsula".

The LKP men bluffed they would make the English version of the "open letter" and send it to the White House, CIA, U.S. Department of State and U.S. Congress.

This is an unbridled act of a handful of traitors keen on marring the success made at the Panmunjom meeting and destroying the phase for the DPRK-U.S. dialogue.

In this regard, people from all walks of life in south Korea heap censure and curses on the LKP for its act of "throwing a wet blanket ahead of north Korea-U.S. summit" and "making assertions that can be made only by war maniacs".

Even the U.S. master was said to have got blushed at the despicable act of the traitors. It is easy to see how pitiful they have been looked by their master. They were put out of the favor of their master for their sickening flattery.

The day after the publication of the "open letter", Hong Jun Phyo posted on Facebook a sentence reading that "the U.S. and Moon Jae In government have run on a rock while trying to solve the north's nuclear issue through south-north peace show and bargaining".

Clear is with what attitude the master has responded to this.

Top class traitors steeped in concept for confrontation with the fellow countrymen to the marrow of their bones are fated to be snubbed and cold-shouldered.

Hong and his LKP group are inviting their own end.

The strong wave of reconciliation and peace that has arrived in this land will mercilessly sweep away the dirty rubbish sticking to national division and confrontation with fellow countrymen while being parasitic on outsiders. Only then will south Korea be clean. -0-

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