Monday, 21 May 2018

KCNA Commentary Warns Japan against Militarist Frenzy

Pyongyang, May 21 (KCNA) -- The Japanese reactionaries have reached the extremes in challenging the atmosphere for regional peace and stability.

There take place joint drills of the ground "Self-Defense Force" and the maritime "Self-Defense Force" the first of their kind amid the moves for retrogressive constitutional revision getting earnest.

The amphibious vehicle launch drill, landing drill, and airborne transport drill involving the amphibious task force and the first helicopter unit belonging to the ground SDF and the maritime SDF prove the nature of the drills to be of continental aggression, not "self-defense".

This is part of the moves for militarist revival getting pronounced with each passing day.

It is not a secret that the Japanese reactionaries have systematically moved in an all-round way to avenge Japan's defeat and to realize the old dream of the "Greater East-Asia Co-prosperity Sphere" since right after its defeat in war.

With intention to imbue the whole society of Japan with the reinvasion design and revanchism, they have been hell-bent on securing legal and institutional mechanism aimed at militarist revival while denying the past crimes and distorting the history.

Getting more persistent are the moves for retrogressive constitutional revision aimed at rewriting the present constitution which specifies Japan's non-possession of the three services and other capabilities for fighting a war and its abandonment of belligerent right.

What arouses serious concern of neighboring countries are the moves to adjust the relevant law of the SDF, main force for executing the militarist war, reorganize its mechanism and ensure material reinforcement.

At the connivance of the U.S. Japan put into effect the "security legislation" involving the law on SDF, the law on situation by armed attack and the law on situation in surrounding areas in March 2016, thus drastically expanding the scope of operation by the SDF under the pretext of exercising the "right to collective self-defense".

Through the formation of an amphibious task force specializing in seizing remote islands and establishing the "general ground force command" invested with the command of the ground SDF, the services and arms and commanding system of the Imperial Japanese Army are being revived.

Through the large amount of arms expenditure, Japan has possessed of the huge maritime force next to the U.S. in the Asia-Pacific and more ground force than the combination of the ground forces and marines of Britain. The SDF is little different from a regular army capable of fighting a war on a moment's notice, unlike its name.

It is against this backdrop that the military exercises, which had been carried out by different units and services in the past, are now carried out as combined and joint drills involving several services and arms. Herein lie the danger and seriousness of the recent exercises.

Japan's militarist chariot has now entered the final line toward the war.

The Japanese reactionaries are mistaken.

The Korean nation and the Asian peoples who had been subject to huge pain and misfortune by the Japanese militarists in the past closely follow the Japanese reactionaries watching for a chance for reinvasion, and will never remain an on-looker to them.

It is by no means fortuitous that the Japanese reactionaries' militarist moves have faced opposition and rejection by the Japanese and the international community as they go against the trend for d├ętente in the Korean peninsula and the region.

Clear is the destination of the Japanese militarist chariot rushing headlong into aggression. This is only leading Japan to ruin. -

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