Wednesday, 23 May 2018

KCNA Commentary Blasts Despicable Act of S. Korean Conservative Party

Pyongyang, May 23 (KCNA) -- The die-hard conservative opposition "Liberal Korea Party" (LKP) of south Korea continues provocation against the DPRK.

Its representative Hong Jun Phyo again reeled off rhetoric for "continued pressure", slandering the measure taken by the DPRK for the dismantlement of the northern nuclear test ground as "nuclear test ground dismantlement show", "deception" and "nothing new".

It is ludicrous for such faint-heart like a loach in mud to trumpet about the cliché of "pressure".

The April 27 historic event which opened up a new history, new era of peace in the Korean peninsula, has commanded full support and approval by the Korean nation and the international community wishing for peace, prosperity and reunification.

It is only the LKP and conservative forces of south Korea including its representative Hong Jun Phyo who go reckless to slander and insult it.

Obsessed by the ill-tempered manner to oppose whatever is done by the DPRK, they have now become reckless.

It seems that to the eyes of the conservative group, their fellow countrymen with whom they share the same blood are seen as a "thief carrying dagger" and the sincere and earnest efforts made by the DPRK as "threat".

It is by no means fortuitous that in the recent behavior of the LKP, the south Korean people have recalled Ri Hoe Chang who used to turn TV off at the news of the historic Pyongyang summit in June 2000 out of his crooked disposition and traitor Lee Myung Bak at the time of the publication of the October 4 declaration 11 years ago.

Hong and his group beat the worn-out "pressure" drum, still mired in the swamp of confrontation. This is a despicable act to totally deny the historic agreement common to the nation and to check the improvement of the north-south ties.

The group of traitors, relying on division, confrontation and war for their survival, resort to the senseless act of turning back the phase of the situation.

Now the south Korean public brands the LKP denying the Panmunjom Declaration and making all sorts of vicious propaganda as "Goebbels party," "awful party" and "war ogre", commenting "there is no remedy for inveterate confrontation frenzy".

A frog in a well can never tour the world and a loach is fit for mud.

The group of heinous traitors like Hong Jun Phyo can not understand even the concept of nation, peace and reunification.

Those challenging the trend of the times are consigned to the garbage ground of history. -0-

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