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A joint statement to mark the birthday of Kim Jong Un issued by the Staffordshire branch of the UK KFA and the Stoke On Trent Branch of the Juche Idea Study Group

January 8th will mark the birthday of Kim Jong Un, the Supreme Leader of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea and  this occasion will be celebrated by the Korean People and by the Progressive Peoples of the World. Since becoming the Leader of the DPRK in December, 2011, Kim Jong Un has transformed the fortunes of the Korean People into ones where they are beginning to enjoy prosperity and wealth, so to enjoy all the material benefits of Korean style socialism. Many new projects have been under recent years under the guidance of Kim Jong Un, such as the Changjon and Ryomyong streets, the Sci-Tech Complex on the Ssuk Island, the Mirim Horse Riding Club, the Taedonggang Fruit Farm, the Mount-Paektu-san Youth Power Station, the Okryu Children's Hosptial  and many more new constructions. Despite the harsh sanctions imposed upon the DPRK, Gross Domestic Product in Peoples Korea has doubled under Kim Jong Un's  leadership. The DPRK economy is experiencing a boom due to the Self Development and Self-Reliance strategies of Kim Jong Un.  The information technology industries have flourished in the last few years, exemplified in the DPRK produced Airriang  Smartphone.

Kim Jong Un has formulated the theoretical activities and revolutionary ideas of Kim IL Sung and of Kim Jong IL into the comprehensive ideological system of Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism. Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism is the people centered doctrine which regards the people as the most precious and powerful beings in the world. Kimilsungism-Kimjongilsim has clarified the path which the Korean revolution will follow in the future, that is the course of Independence, Songun and Socialism. The Supreme Leadership of the DPRK has consistently resisted any attempts to bring into the DPRK " reforms", "opening up" and "capitalist methods", by upholding up the purity of the revolutionary lines of the Juche Idea and Songun Politics. Marshal Kim Jong Un has loyally maintained the revolutionary legacy of President Kim IL Sung and of Chairman Kim Jong IL, the smiling portraits of the Great President and the Great Chairman are to found everywhere in the DPRK and in the hearts and minds of every Korean.

While consolidating the DPRK as a politico-ideological power and as an economic giant, Kim Jong Un has raised Socialist Korea to the status of a nuclear weapons' status nation.  During the year 2017, the DPRK has conducted tests of various kinds of ballistic missiles and tests of atomic and hydrogen bombs, and gained remarkable successes in the development of a nuclear deterrent force. The days when the US Imperialists had a nuclear monopoly on the Korean peninsula and would try to intimate the Korean people, are long gone.  The Hwasong 14 and 15 Intercontinental Ballistic Missile can carry a nuclear warhead to any place on the Earth and destroy the centres of imperialist aggression forever. The nuclear war plans of the Trump Administration have been thwarted by the efforts of the Korean Peoples Revolutionary Armed Forces. Marshal Kim Jong Un has scored an outstanding victory with the creation of an advanced nuclear strike, the Songun Revolution has brought about peace and security on the Korean peninsula, and the defence of Korean socialism.

Peace and reunification upon the Korean peninsula has been a priority for Kim Jong Un and many initiatives have taken for the dialogue between the north and south of Korea. In the January 2018 New Year, the DPRK Leader Kim Jong Un called for the north and south to cooperate for peace and reunification, and for all Koreans in the north, south and overseas to strive for the historic reunion of their homeland. Korean reunification can only be settled by the Korean people themselves, and not by outside powers. The DPRK is always ready for constructive and open negotiations to clear the path towards lasting peace and independent reunification in Korea.

International public opinion in the last six years has registered with great interest the activities of Kim Jong Un. The name of Kim Jong Un has become famous throughout the world, organs of the media from all nations have carried items about the Leader of the DPRK, Kim Jong Un.  Unlike many politicians and public figures, Kim Jong Un has fulfilled the promises he has made,for instance to improve the Korean people's living standards and to develop ICBMs. Indeed on the contemporary political scene Kim Jong Un is regarded as the most highly influential leader, who is admired by friends and respected by enemies.

The Staffordshire Branch of the UK KFA and the Stoke On Trent Branch of the Juche Idea Study Group congratulates the Korean people upon January 8th, the birthday of Kim Jong Un.  We call on progressive people everywhere to celebrate the birthday of Kim Jong Un, and to study the works and teachings of  Kim Jong Un.  A delegation from our organisations was honoured to have seen at close quarters the Respected Marshal Kim Jong Un  during the military and civilian parade on April 15th, 2017, were able to have witnessed what a Great and Charismatic leader of the people Kim Jong Un is. Only glory and victory are in store for the heroic and revolutionary Korean people led by the Dear Respected Marshal KIM JONG UN!



Issued in Stoke On Trent, Staffordshire, UK by the Staffordshire Branch of the UK KFA and the Stoke On Trent Branch of the Juche Idea Study Group of Britain.  06.01.2018  

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