Friday, 19 January 2018

Analysis of developments in inter-Korean relations

Some analysis of the developments in inter-Korean relations . As usual the mainstream media have misinformed people about the nature of what is going on . It has been falsely said that the DPRK has opened talks with south Korea because of the 'sanctions ' or ' it is simply ' a tactic to gain time' . This is a mean slander on the DPRK's sincere efforts for Korean reunification and for peace.
As a matter of fact over decades the DPRK has tabled hundreds , if not thousands of reunification proposals. Even just before the Korean war broke out in June 1950 the DPRK had been working towards peaceful reunification and had sent emissaries to south Korea on the 7th of June . President KIM IL SUNG had put forward the proposal for a confederation of the north and south at the 4th congress of the Workers' Party of Korea and had also held the historic north-south talks in July 1972 .
Chairman KIM JONG IL held the inter-Korean summit in June 2000 with then south Korean ruler Kim Dae Jung .
Respected Marshal KIM JONG UN had several times put forward proposals for peace and reunification including an offer to suspend nuclear and missile tests. These proposals were ignored by the south Korean puppet fascist regime of Park Geun Hye and its masters the US imperialists . It is not the DPRK that has changed its position but south Korea. The new regime in south Korea has accepted the DPRK's proposals leading to a significant breakthrough in reducing tension. However it needs to be seen whether this is from a genuine patriotic pro reunification stand or whether this is a tactic to deal with the DPRK's increasing strength and might .
The root cause of Korea's division is the occupation of south Korea by the US . What we can do is to campaign day and night for the US troops to be withdrawn .

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