Monday, 27 November 2017

UK KFA Statement on Google Censorship !



27th of November 2017

Recently , Google  suspended the KFA International Community on Google on the spurious and bogus grounds that it was somehow promoting 'hate speech' !
"Your community KFA International appears to contain hateful content. This violates our User Content and Conduct Policy. Currently only viewable by moderators. Please remove the offending content and submit an appeal to have the suspension lifted.

If you don’t take action within two months, your community and its content may be deleted."
Google have not identified the offending post .It is basically a false allegation , a case of trumped charges . KFA has also opposed racism. This is a clear cut example of censorship by Google and an attempt to suppress dissenting views.
  Basically the rulers of the imperialist world do not want people to know the truth about People's Korea and are using every means to suppress the truth
 Another reason for the censorship of  Google to block real news about the DPRK is to carry an intense campaign of psychological warfare against People's Korea .  It is also  part of possible war preparations against the DPRK.
  What it goes to show is that the so-called 'freedom of speech ' and 'freedom of thought' loudly advertised by the imperialists and liberals is an illusion , it is bogus . When the chips are down
the imperialists and reactionaries do not hesitate to suppress ideas that they do not like. The mask of
liberal capitalist 'democracy ' is removed and the iron fist of fascism prevails.
  We totally condemn the censorship and repressionby the US giant monopoly corporation Google  which has become a 'Ministry of Thought Control ' .  However they cannot silence KFA Truth will prevail !

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