Monday, 20 November 2017

KCNA Commentary Blasts Japan's Military Moves

Pyongyang, November 20 (KCNA) -- The Japanese reactionaries are getting hell-bent on military provocations targeting the DPRK.

On Nov. 11 and 12 the Japan Maritime "Self-Defense Force" staged large-scale joint military drills in league with U.S. nuclear aircraft carrier task forces.

Japan Defense Minister Onodera, commenting on the drills involving USS Ronald Reagan, Theodore Roosevelt and Nimitz, and MSDF's escort warships Ise, Makinami and Inazma, said "the drills were effective ones which clearly showed the strong will of Japan and the U.S."

Meanwhile, Japan is stepping up the deployment of the new type missile defense system Aegis Ashore in Akita and Yamaguchi prefectures under the pretext of coping with ballistic missiles of the DPRK.

It is about to import SM-3 and F-35As and warships equipped with an Aegis combat system from the U.S., according to a report from the recent press conference jointly held by Trump and Abe.

All facts clearly prove that the Japanese reactionaries, buckling down to realizing their wild ambition for launching an overseas invasion, have gone beyond the red line in their risky military moves.

Japan seeks to secure a pretext for deploying its SDF troops on the Korean peninsula under the excuse of "threat" from the DPRK and thus bring into reality its old dream of "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere" by justifying its reinvasion of the Asia-Pacific region.

This is just the invariable wild ambition being sought by the reactionaries of Japan.

Although over seven decades have passed since Japan's defeat, the Japan militarists' wild ambition has never changed but is being revived by their descendents.

The present ruling quarters of Japan put into force the "security law" in March 2016, thus providing the SDF with the power to exercise "the right of collective self-defense" and dramatically expanding the sphere of the SDF's overseas activities.

They have modeled Japan on fascism in haste by instituting a series of evil laws like those on protecting specified secrets and punishing organized crimes. Recently, they are busy pushing ahead with the scenario for retrogressively revising the existing Constitution as a final phase for realizing its wild ambition for overseas invasion.

Japan is crazy about the joint military drills with the main forces of the U.S. imperialist aggression army to be involved in the future Korean war deployed on its mainland, terming the DPRK's entirely just measures for self-defense "threats." This is just war hysteria to ignite a fresh Korean war in league with the U.S.

However, it will be good for Japan not to run wild, obsessed with megalomania.

Japan itself will not be safe once a war breaks out on the Korean peninsula. Everything of Japan to be involved in the war may disappear at once together with the U.S. military bases in Japan.

Japan's crazy ride on a militarist chariot will only make it fall into a pitfall of ruin. -0-

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