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A delegation of UK KFA consisting of myself , James Taylor , Communications Secretary, David Munoz De Castro , Organisation Secretary and Jose Blazquez member attended the excellent and inspirational International Meeting of the Korean Friendship Association  which was held in Tarragona , Spain (Catalonia) on Saturday 18th of November .
   Myself and James Taylor travelled together and had a pleasant journey from London Gatwick Airport to  Barcelona and then took a coach to Tarragona where we we greeted at the coach station by comrade David Munoz De Castro our organisation secretary and comrades from KFA International , KFA Spain and KFA Basque Country
  The international meeting was held the  Saturday morming in a hotel in the centre of scenic Tarragona . It was presided over by comrade Alejandro Cao De Benos , KFA president . We were happy to see Alejandro who had suffered unjust persecution by the fascistic Spanish authorities . Alejandro was in very good spirits  indeed . Attending the meeting were delegates and repesentatives from KFA Spain, KFA Catalonia, KFA Valencia , KFA Basque Country , KFA UK(ourselves) , Malta , Denmark and Estonia/Baltic states. Speeches and messages were sent from KFA Switzerland , KFA Singapore , KFA Mexico and KFA Italy . There were also messages from the  Korean Committee For Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries and the Pyongyang Mission of the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front of south Korea.

   The meeting began with the official KFA hymn " The Song of National Defence " which symbolises the fact that KFA are the true defenders of People's Korea. In his opening remarks comrade Alejandro said that KFA was founded 17 years  ago. He praised dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN as a great strategist  and commander who had turned the DPRK into a fully armed nuclear state . He continued saying that  There is no need for anyone to recognise the DPRK as a nuclear power because it isan established fact and no nessecity for Trump to make threats .
   Puppet nations and opportunistic nations like China should be aware that they will be punished by history .
  Gadhafi had believed the lies of Washington and look what happened to him..
 Comrade Alejandro also said the words of the dotard Trump are fadin g as the US is powerless to stop the development of nukes and ICBMs by the DPRK . Marshal KIM JONG UN has already won.
 Referring to the socialist development in the DPRK Alejandro said that " the goal of creating a paradise of happiness in the DPRK is not the dream of just one individual but the dream of 25 million people."
 Concluding Alejandro said that the KFA are the intellectual soldiers of Juche in the capitalist jungle .
   KFA Official delegates from Spain , Basque Country , Catalonia, Malta  and Scandinavia addressed the meeting. Speeches and statements from KFA Switzerland , Singapore , Italy and Mexico.
I addressed the meeting and said as follows (key extracts)
It is a great honour to be here to address the 17th KFA International Meeting which is being held here in Tarragona the place where the KFA was founded 17 years ago and where the excellent Pyongyang cafe and HQ of the KFA is situated . It is also great to attend the KFA International Meeting which is presided by our KFA President comrade Alejandro Cao De Benos.
ialism had already been well and truly rattled by the DPRK's test fire of an intermediate range ballistic missile on the 29th of August which passed over the land of the Japanese imperialists causing panic. Now on Sunday 3rd of September the DPRK raced across the nuclear finishing line to become an advanced socialist nuclear power of Juche and an ICBM power . Many had wanted to stop People's Korea from reaching the finishing line .Chief amongst these was US imperialism, the chieftain of world reaction , the biggest international exploiter , shameless aggressor and strangler of national independence and national liberation . The fascistic leader of US imperialism , the self-styled fuhrer of the American 4th Reich and mentally ill dotard , Trump, had declared that he would never allow the DPRK to have a nuclear ICBM that could hit the US mainland . Along with the US imperialists were its so-called allies or more accurately, puppets , toadies and vassals namely the south Korean fascist puppets , Japan , as well as countries such as Britain . Added to this already full list you had the big power chauvinists such as China and Russia that did not want the DPRK to have its own powerful defences and wanted a weak DPRK that they could control ,exploit and dominate. The revisionist Chinese leadership which sold out to US imperialism a long time ago , opposed the DPRK nuclear programme .Lastly , you had various corrupt and rotting neo-.colonies of imperialism in various parts of the globe that raised their hands in the UN Security Council because either they were so hopelessly dependent on the US or were jealous of the DPRK building a strong defence power they could never dream of in a million years.
What the successful H bomb test on the 3rd of September proves and the two tests of the Hwasong 14 on July 4th and July 28th prove is the vitality and correctness of the Juche Idea , the Songun Idea and the line of developing the nuclear force and the economy in parallel. Basically Juche is not just a theory but works in practice as the DPRK has been able to advance towards the goal of being an advanced nuclear and ICBM power and at the same time improve living standards for the people and build many new buildings such as Ryomyong Street which we saw in April and August this year. The DPRK's nuclear deterrent has been created despite many years of sanctions and blockades by the US imperialists, thus the DPRK's nukes are truly Juche nukes , the proud creations of the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance.

Now People's Korea is facing all kinds of threats from US imperialism. At the UN General Assembly the maniac Trump in September talked about destroying People's Korea , basically carrying out the genocide of 25 million people. Many times now nuclear bombers have flown the length of Korea threatening the DPRK . On top of these threats there are sanctions being imposed on just about everything by the US, their puppets the UNSC , the EU and those miserable sell-out states the Russian Federation and China.

The Korean Friendship Association with over 17,000 members is the sword and shield of People' Korea. We must expand our activity to defend People's Korea and inform the wider public of the truth about People's Korea. We must defend and explain the Juche Idea , the Songun Idea and the self-development first idea to the popular masses ."

   I imagine that Trump's ears must have been burning during the meeting , as President Dotard was
was attacked many times throughout the meeting.
   Alejandro outlined some future plans for KFA Activities . There will be big celebrations of the DPRK's 70th anniversary of its foundation and KFA will plan for this . Some KFA Official awards were made including a KFA Medal of Honour to our very own UK KFA Communications Secretary James Taylor .

 Afters we enjoyed an excellent lunch at a  local Chinese resturaunt  and then retired to the wonderful Pyongyang Cafe where we celebrated in style the birthday of the KFA Delegate for the Basque Country .

 On the Sunday we were treated to an excellent walking tour of the City of Tarragona we saw the
ancient Roman ruins.
All in all it was a great KFA International Meeting .

Dr Dermot Hudson
KFA Official Delegate UK

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