Wednesday, 29 November 2017

KCNA Commentary Slashes at U.S. Increase of Military Budget

Pyongyang, November 29 (KCNA) -- Recently, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the "2018 bill on amendments to the National Defense Authorization Act", which increased the next year's defense budget to 700 billion US dollars.

According to the U.S. act on budget control instituted in 2011, the annual defense budget should be limited to below 600 billion US dollars. However, the Trump administration already increased the defense budget by 54 billion US dollars in March this year and is about to increase it dramatically next year.

What should never be overlooked is that the U.S. put up "nuclear and missile threats from north Korea" as a pretext for the sharp increase of its military spending.

The U.S. Lower House increased the budget for the Missile Defense Agency under the Department of Defense to 12.3 billion US dollars under the excuse of "nuclear and missile threats" from the DPRK. It decided to allot a fabulous amount of money for deploying the missile interception system targeting the DPRK and beefing up the U.S. forces in Asia-Pacific, as evidenced by its deployment of 28 GBI ground-based interceptor missiles in Alaska and nuclear-capable strategic bombers near the Korean peninsula.

Such crazy act of the U.S. as spending astronomical funds for its military in peacetime, not in wartime, in a bid to dominate the world with absolute military edge is greatly concerning and stunning the public.

The U.S. has clearly revealed its true intention of hyping "nuclear and missile threats" from the DPRK through the above-said "bill".

It is just a revelation of its brigandish design to dominate the world by force and occupy at any cost the countries failing to kowtow to it by military threats and aggression as it is aimed to invent a pretext for increasing military expenditure to invade the DPRK and realize the strategy for putting the whole world under control.

This is clearly proven by the racket of military threats being escalated by the Trump administration, its development of new type nukes and modernization of war hardware.

Asserting the security of the U.S. mainland can be ensured only when its missile defense system is deployed on earth orbits, the U.S. even talks about the resumption of the "star wars" project.

It even raised the "conception of comprehensive and immediate strike" and is crying out for testing its main components in Korea soon.

According to reports of foreign media, Trump recently asked the Congress to increase the military spending by 5.9 billion US dollars and is going to use 4 billion US dollars for the deployment of missile defense and reconnaissance systems on the Korean peninsula.

The U.S, despite its almost empty national coffer and national debt amounting to 20 trillion US dollars, is resorting to such reckless increase of military expenditure. It is, indeed, a belligerent country of military gangsters and a cancer-like one against mankind.

History proved that the increase of U.S. military spending resulted in adding fuel to the arms race among big powers, harassing global peace and security and increasing the danger of a nuclear war in the Korean peninsula and the region, in particular.

The progressive mankind opposing war and loving peace should further intensify the struggle against U.S. imperialism, the war monster, seeing through its aggressive nature. -0-

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