Thursday, 29 October 2015

There is No Human Rights Problem in Peoples Korea !- by Dermot Hudson

Visiting the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea for the 10th time I was able to travel to places such as Sinchon , Mt Myohyang and the West Sea Barrage  thus afforded  me with an excellent opportunity of seeing large areas of the countryside on the way . I was also able to walk around Pyongyang at night and see much of the city including pedestrian underpasses.

The US imperialists and all sorts of reactionaries have over the past few years  made wild allegations about "human rights violations " in the DPRK and even press-ganged some  other countries to pass anti DPRK resolutions in the UN .
So where were these giant  'forced labour camps' and 'concentration camps'  that the imperialists allege exist in the DPRK ? I could not see such a thing  in fact I did not even see one barbed wire fence in the countryside nor large numbers of police or security personnel. It also should be mentioned that the DPRK countryside was free from crop failure, famine . There is also a good level of social equality in the DPRK countryside with no big houses , no big private landed estates (or latifundia ) , no rich farmers or landlords, a genuine peoples countryside , a socialist countryside with the red flag flying high.

The imperialists claim that there are hundreds of thousands of people held in camps in the DPRK , such camps would have to be massive and with a huge number of guards but I did not see such a thing in the DPRK countryside. Moreover the DPRK is very peaceful and calm you rarely see emergency vehicles rushing through the busy streets. If it what the imperialists say about "human rights " and " forced labour camps " in the DPRK was true, then you would say police or security personnel on the streets arresting many people and putting them in lorries to go to "labour camps " or "concentrations camps " but I saw no such thing happen. I did not see heavily armed police on the streets that you sometimes encounter in London , either on the streets or at railway stations or at airports . Indeed I was able to go for a walk near the Mansudae Assemby Hall the home of the DPRK Supreme People's Assembly  , the highest organ of legislative power in the DPRK and roughly equivalent to the parliament. Now in London the area around parliament is a restricted area where movement is controlled and armed police units patrol. However  in Pyongyang I see no police or security personnel in the area surrounding the Mansudae Assembly hall. Of course
the DPRK is a stable and harmonious unified society based on single hearted unity so there is no terrorism and no riots. In the DPRK there is unity between the  armed forces and civilians  so people do not fear or despise the armed forces.

 I did not see the police oppressing anyone on the streets . I did not see anyone get arrested or the police in the DPRK shoot anyone dead !  In the USA , the so called "land of the free "  , which is the country behind the clamour about " human rights in the DPRK , the police regularly shoot down people  most of them black. The British newspaper "The Guardian" said so far this year 944 people had been killed by police in the USA so far this  year ! . In the UK armed police units have been responsible for the loss of life notably innocent Brazilian electrician  Jean Charles De Menezes and Mark Duggan (which sparked the 2011 riots ).
     Visiting the newly modernised and expanded Sinchon Ri Museum I could see just who the real human rights abusers are ! Sinchon ri is the  fateful place where the US imperialists and local class enemies committed the crime of murdering 35383 people or one quarter of the population (can you imagine the death toll if the same thing was done in London , it would 2.2 million people dead!).It is an understatement to say the the US imperialists are just as bad as Hitler’s Nazis.
    Thus visiting  the DPRK for the 10th time I could see very clearly the stories about "forced labour camps"  in the DPRK are just hokum  and nonsense , nothing but lies . There is no 'human rights' problem in the DPRK . People enjoy the right to housing , to education , to free medical care , to work and even have holidays paid for a state expense ! .  Many Western critics of the DPRK ignore the fact that everyone in the DPRK  supports dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN and the Workers Party of Korea and they are happy to build socialism. The great  Juche Idea which stresses the independence and creativity of man and also always stresses the role of ideology so there cannot be such a thing as a "human rights "problem".

Dermot Hudson.
Chairman JISGE
President ASSPUK
KFA Official Delegate UK

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