Saturday, 24 October 2015

KCNA Commentary Calls for Heightening Vigilance against Japan's Rapid Emergence as Nuclear Weapons State

Pyongyang, October 24 (KCNA) -- Japan is rapidly emerging a nuclear weapons state under the signboard of "the Pacifist Constitution".
    Now Japan has a stockpile of tremendous amount of plutonium and enriched uranium enough to manufacture more than 5 000 nuclear bombs.
    Amid increasing international concern and suspicion about Japan going nuclear, the Chinese arms control and disarmament council and academic organization jointly published a report on Japan's nuclear materials and the Carnegie International Peace Foundation of the U.S. also published an academic report on Japan's nuclear materials.
    The reports cited facts to prove that Japan holds a stockpile of sensitive nuclear substances, revealing the danger of nuclear proliferation and threat to nuclear security.
    Japan has the world's largest fuel reprocessing plant and has stored 50 tons of split plutonium for decades which mean astronomical figures for the overwhelming majority of the countries in the world. It has massively conducted study of modern nuclear technology including nuclear fusion and high-speed neutron reactor and has purchased, stored and extracted a huge amount of nuclear substance.
    Going nuclear is Japan's invariable ambition and becoming a military giant is its strategic goal. Back in the Second World War, Japan pursued the development of a nuclear weapon and its use but instead it suffered from nuclear disasters. Finding the reason for its defeat in the war in its failure to have access to nuclear weapons, the militarists considered nuclear weapons as an all-powerful weapons and worked hard to have access to them.
    In order to create social atmosphere and legal environment necessary for nuclear weaponization, Japan revised "the basic law on atomic energy" and has openly pursued nuclear weaponization under the pretext of "national security."
    At an event this year, 70 years since Hiroshima suffered from an A-bomb, the Japanese chief executive did not mention the "three non-nuclear principles" which he would tout for mere form's sake in the past.
    But the Japanese right-wing elements have desperately stood against the principles, openly crying out for "manufacturing A-bombs".
    Japan's access to nuclear weapons has already become a will of the government, not just demand of a few ultra-right elements.
    Japan is capable of producing nuclear warheads in a short period as it has fully acquired technology of manufacturing A-bombs.
    Japan's going nuclear is neither a prediction nor a hypothesis but its danger is becoming a reality.
    All facts prove Japan's dramatic change in its foreign security policy with nuclear weapons as a pivot.
    Japan's moves for nuclear weaponization are related to the ambition for overseas aggression and war for world domination of the descendents of the war-happy militarists who are oblivious of the lesson of history.
    The world has to heighten vigilance against Japan's moves for nuclear weaponization that brought such a horrible disaster to humankind in the last century. -0-

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