Thursday, 1 October 2015

KCNA Commentary Accuses S. Korean Regime of Encouraging Leaflet-Scattering Operation against DPRK

   Pyongyang, October 1 (KCNA) -- The south Korean regime persistently encourages the leaflet-scattering operation against the DPRK.
    It let betes noires of the "Alliance for the Movement of Free North," an organization of "defectors from the north", scatter 200 000 leaflets slandering the DPRK from Phaju, Kyonggi Province on Sept. 20. Two days later, it let a similar organization scatter 900 000 leaflets over areas of the DPRK.
    This is no more than the last-ditch efforts of the betes noires to chill the atmosphere of improving the north-south relations created with much effort through the north-south high-level urgent contact in August last.
    What matters is the fact that the reckless leaflet-scattering operation was a deliberate and premeditated provocation perpetrated by the betes noires in violation of the spirit of the north-south agreement at the tacit connivance of the south Korean regime.
    If the south Korean regime has a sincere will to promote the north-south relations, it should not only stop "the psychological broadcasting against the north" but also refrain from such acts as slandering the dialogue partner as called for by the north-south agreement.
    However, such human scum are still free to conduct anti-DPRK leaflets-scattering operations in south Korea. The present regime of south Korea has shielded and patronized them, claiming "it cannot ban the operation without any legal ground as the operation is freedom of expression."
    This makes the DPRK question the regime whether it has an intention and will to mend the north-south relations and implement all the provisions specified in the agreement made at the north-south high-level urgent contact.
    Leaflet-scattering is an unpardonable treacherous act, which was prompted by the south Korean regime's design to escalate confrontation with the DPRK. It is also a mockery and insult to all Koreans and world peace-loving people calling for detente on the Korean Peninsula and improvement of the north-south relations.
    Leaflets scattered by the betes noires contain anti-DPRK invectives often talked by the present south Korean authorities.
    They are crying out for ideologically and morally disarming the people of the DPRK and undermining its single-minded unity in a bid to achieve with ease "unification under liberal democracy."
    All facts go to clearly prove once again that the present ruling forces of south Korea have no political will to create an atmosphere of peace and stability, reconciliation and cooperation on the Korean Peninsula.
    Unless they drop their sinister design against the DPRK, the north-south ties will be plunged into endless political and military confrontation.
    The DPRK has already clarified more than once that leaflet-scattering amounts to a declaration of war against it.
    In case the leaflet-scattering operation is continuously allowed and connived at by the south Korean regime, the north-south relations will be again thrown into an uncontrollable catastrophe. This is as plain as a pikestaff.
    The south Korean regime should stop encouraging it at once, well aware of the cherished desire of all Koreans. -0

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