Sunday, 25 October 2015

Overt ambition of preemptive strike on north Korea

Of late, south Korean belligerent elements have revealed their ambition of preemptive attack on north Korea under the pretext of counteraction to cope with potential firing of nuclear ballistic missile of north Korea.
The US and south Korean authorities had a consult about implementation of “4D operational conception”, a scenario of preemptive nuclear attack, and agreed to upgrade it continuously at the 8th south Korea-US Integrated Defense Dialogue held in Seoul in September of this year.
The “4D operational conception” is a scenario of preemptive strike on north Korea aimed at “detect”, “defense”, “disrupt” and “destroy” to cope with “threat of north Korean ballistic missile”. In short, interception of north Korean missiles after detecting its movement, disruption of control of north Korean missile by striking at command and backing facilities and at last, determent of missile by delivering preemptive attack on the mobile missile launchers and missile facilities of north Korea.
In this respect, the “4D operational conception” is a brainchild of “tailored deterrence strategy” the core of which is that it gives a nuclear preemptive strike at north Korea by all means of military capabilities including nukes, regardless of wartime or peacetime.
In the long run, the “4D operational conception” hints the deployment of THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) that the US and south Korea have pushed forward in secrecy.
  The south Korean trigger-happy force, hand in glove with the US, designed “OPLAN 2015”, a new scenario against north Korea.
The “OPLAN 2015” is aimed at attacking the leadership, destroying the command and communication means of north Korea at an early time.
They designated about 700 “joint interception points” with the US to carry out the “OPLAN 2015”.
They announced deployment for action of 800km-range ballistic missiles, clamoring “strike of whole area of north Korea” and normal operation of the “kill chain” coping nukes and missiles of north Korea.
It was quite absurd of the south Korean chief executive in her junket to the US on October 16 that she put the accent on strong alliance with the US, spitted threats that north Korea's missile launch and nuclear test would face “additional sanctions” or “harsh price”. She talked nonsense that north Korea would get jackpot if it abandons the nukes and it should come to the negotiating table.
It is none other than the south Korean authorities that throw a great obstacle to dialogue and peace and heighten confrontation and tension.
Washington and Seoul should give up military maneuvers escalating tension and disturbing mood of dialogue on the Korean Peninsula if they truly want peace.

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