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ASSPUK and JISGE salute the dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN's speech to the October 10th military parade


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 London 28th of October Juche 104(2015)
The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK (ASSPUK) and the Juche Idea Study Group of England(JISGE) issued a joint statement regarding the speech of the dear respected leader Marshal KIM JONG UN to the  Military Parade and Public Procession of Pyongyang Citizens on the 10th of October :
                                                Without any doubt the speech delivered by dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN to Military Parade and Public Procession of Pyongyang Citizens on the 10th of October is a very powerful speech that inspires not only the Korean people but the world revolutionary people who fight for independence and socialism. Respected Marshal KIM JONG UN in his address says that the military parade that is about to be held will demonstrate the inexhaustible strength of the Workers Party of Korea.

Dear respected comrade KIM JONG UN neatly and adroitly presented the speech in four sections , each of which focuses on a particular aspect of the strength of the Workers Party of Korea.

Firstly, it is a people orientated party.  Dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN says
" President Kim Il Sung and General Kim Jong Il built ours into an invincible revolutionary party, a genuine political leadership organization, which serves the people and advances in unity with the masses, the first of its kind in history.   
  Since it inscribed a hammer, a sickle and a writing brush in its red flag, our Party has never been separated from the people and advanced the revolution always believing in them as in heaven"

The most important thing here is that the WPK has never been separated from the people. The WPK has been able to splendidly build socialism despite all kinds of trials and difficulties such as the destruction of the war and sanctions and blockade because it relied on the people.

Secondly,  the WPK leads and commands the most powerful revolutionary armed forces that defend the destiny of the revolution and the independence of Peoples Korea.  A nation without powerful armed forces is a ruined nation. Now Peoples Korea possess the most powerful armed forces as dear respected
Marshal KIM JONG UN says "    Today our Party can proudly state that our revolutionary armed forces are capable of fighting any type of war the U.S. imperialists opt for, and have made full preparations for firmly defending the blue sky over the country and the security of the people."

These words sent a shiver down the spines of the US imperialists and international reactionaries who dream of invading and destroying Peoples Korea !

Thirdly, the strength of the WPK is based on the fact it pays attention to youth  the vanguard and the future of the nation. The WPK has always attached great importance to the role of youth and built up the DPRK as a youth power . As dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN said
That our revolution is still advancing vigorously filled with unflagging energy and vitality without stagnation and marking time is because it has a steel-strong legion of young people who always march straight forward following the Party."

This aptlly sums up the role of youth in Peoples Korea and their dynamic role.

Fourthly, the strength of the Workers' Party of Korea comes from the fact that it is based on the immortal teachings of the great leader President KIM IL SUNG and eternal chairman KIM JONG IL . It is based on KIMILSUNGISM-KIMJONGILISM  which is essentially the people first principle. Dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN  points out that
"The Korean revolution advances not by dint of any mysterious divine power but on the great strength of our people including the heroicKim Il Sung's and Kim Jong Il's working class who follow and safeguard their Party with a single mind."

This is a very wise teaching indeed , it is very true that the Korean revolution advances by the strength of the people based on single-hearted unity and no other force.

        We in the ASSPUK and JISGE are greatly inspired by the speech of the dear respected leader Marshal KIM JONG UN as it fully encapsulates the great truth of KIMILSUNGISM-KIMJONGILISM . It contains precious teachings and guidelines for advancing the Korean revolution under the unfurled red banner of the WPK . We believe that victory and glory are in store for the Korean people under the leadership of dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN. Moreover we resolve to study this speech hard ourselves as it contains many valuable lessons for the world revolutionary movement.


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