Thursday, 8 March 2018

On the Issue of the recent talks between the DPRK and south Korea.-special article by Dr Dermot Hudson

The recent meeting between DPRK Supreme leader respected Marshal KIM JONG UN and the envoys sent by the south Korean chief executive are of great significance and were extremely successful.
The talks have defused tension , dashing hope of the US imperialists and neo-con reactionaries who had got excited by the idea of a war on the Korean peninsula. Certain right wing newspapers in the UK had blazing headlines "Third World War " every day . Now they are silent , cold water has been poured on the fire . The tension is melting away like snow in the spring .
The meeting came about because of the leadership of dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN . Marshal KIM JONG UN is determined to achieve Korean reunification . His stance is one of patriotism and independence . Respected Marshal KIM JONG UN has shown great skills and open minded statesman like no other leader. Despite the fact that he has been the target of vilification, abuse and slander by the south Koreans he welcomed the south Korean delegation to Pyongyang , even hosting a dinner for them .
    As a matter of fact respected Marshal KIM JONG UN should be awarded an international peace for the sterling work he has done to defuse tensions and promote peace.
Moreover the meeting came about because of the Songun policy and nuclear deterrent of the DPRK . The DPRK is able to negotiate from a position of strength, it does not pay to negotiate from a position of weakness . The British politician Nye Bevan said that one " should never go into the conference chamber naked ."Indeed one should bear in mind the old Latin maxim " Si vis pacem, para bellum  " meaning " If you want peace, prepare for war". Peace is guaranteed by the DPRK's nukes and ICBMs.
  Of course the DPRK's nuclear deterrent is purely defensive . The DPRK is committed to no first use of nuclear weapons . It has always made it clear that once the US hostile policy and nuclear threat against the DPRK is lifted , that it will talk about decnuclearisation.
Some have tried to claim that the DPRK 's position has changed but it has not. The Western media deliberately bury the fact that it was the DPRK a long time ago that proposed that the Korean peninsula should be a nuclear free zone . It was the US that introduced nuclear weapons onto the Korean peninsula in 1957 and the DPRK did not carry out its first nuclear test until 49 years later in 2006. The US had 49 years to solve the Korean nuclear issue but did not use the opportunity . Similarly hundreds of reunification proposals were put forward by the DPRK but were ignored by the south Korean side .
  It is nonsense to suggest as Trump and others do that sanctions have brought the DPRK to the negotiating table . If any sanctions hinder the inter-Korean peace process by blocking inter-Korean co-operation. Sanctions are a form of warfare and increase tension.
It is quite possible that the south Korean side have spin the story about denuclearisation simply to persuade their American masters they got something out of the DPRK . South Korea is not a free agent , it is a puppet of the US and its actions are limited by the need to have the approval of Trump for what they do. The DPRK is negotiating from a position of strength , a position of total independence whereas south Korea has to answer to the US for what it does .The DPRK is its own master ,it does not need to answer to anyone for what it does.
 If there are changes , these are in south Korea. A new regime is power , the regime of Moon Jae In which appears far more receptive to peace overtures from the DPRK that the former criminal puppet fascists Lee Myung Bak and Park Geun Hye . The Park regime was swept away by millions of "Candlelight marchers  " in south Korea who were angry at the extreme corruption of Park and her cohorts.The past far right fascist regimes in south Korea where prepared to push confrontation with the DPRK even at the cost of war and their own self destruction . However the new regime in south Korea realises that is not a good idea ,it does not want to see the destruction of south Korea . At the moment the south Korean regime is  like a tight rope walker trying to balance the demands for peace and reunification with  trying to please its American masters.If south Korea is prepare to break its dependence on the US for good and push out the US troops then permanent peace will reign and reunification will come.
   If the US troops are driven out of south Korea for good , then on the ruins of US colonial rule a new independent , powerful reunified Korea of 75 million people will rise up and display its grandeur before the world people.
Dr Dermot Hudson
President ASSPUK
Chairman JISGE
Official Delegate UK KFA
International Central Committee for Songun Study .

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