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ASSPUK,JISGE, UK KFA and BSCRPKP on the 60th anniversary of the Sinchon Museum

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                  London 27th  of March  Juche 107(2018)
 The Association for the Study of Songun Politics(ASSPUK) , Juche Idea Study Group of England (JISGE), the UK Korean Friendship Association(UK KFA) and British Solidarity Committee for Peace and Reunification on the Korean Peninsula (BSCPRKP) issued a statement today on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Sinchon Museum ;
  The Sinchon Museum was opened 60 years ago on the 26th of March  1958. It commemorates the Korean people who were brutally murdered by the US imperialists and class enemies in Sinchon county in 1950, some 35,383 people were killed , at the same time it is serves as an anti-US,anti-imperialist education centre . It is probably unique because no other country in the world has such a place.
The Sinchon Museum  has been visited by the great leaders comrade KIM IL SUNG and comrade
KIM JONG IL and it was also visited  by the dear respected leader Marshal KIM JONG UN . The
great leader comrade KIM JONG IL visited the Sinchon Museum in January 1962  and wrote the
work "We Must Not Forget the Bloody Lessons of Sinchon " pointing out that "
We must not harbour an iota of illusion about US imperialism. In the days of temporary retreat during the war, many people entertained illusions about the US imperialists, only to be killed at their hands. We must not forget the bloody lessons of Sinchon."
  The dear respected leader Marshal KIM JONG UN visited the Sinchon Museum in November 2011. He said that  " The massacres committed by the U.S. imperialist aggressors in Sinchon evidently showed that they are cannibals and homicides seeking pleasure in slaughter.... illusion about the enemy just means death and any slightest illusion about the enemy may lead to the renunciation of the revolution and eventually spoil it.
    U.S. imperialism is the arch-villain of aggression which came into being and got fattened with aggression and plundering.Its nature and brutality as an aggressor remain unchanged forever, and if there is any change today, it has got more insidious and crafty in the method to satisfy its greed for aggression"
 Respected Marshal KIM JONG UN instructed that the museum should be rebuilt , expanded and modernised.  The new Sinchon Museum was opened in July 2015. The new museum has been built on the spot where the worst massacres occurred and the tomb's of the 400 mothers and children who
were killed.
   The Sinchon Museum has been visited by many international delegations including delegations of the ASSPUK , JISGE and UK KFA. Our delegations have visited it in 2002, 2003, 2008, 2013, 2015 and 2017. The chairman of the UK KFA and JISGE took part in an international anti-imperialist rally
at Sinchon in July 2013 and in April 2017 Dr Hudson addressed a meeting at the Sinchon Museum.
 Today the Sinchon Museum stands out as a reminder of the aggressive , brutal and barbaric nature of US imperialism and enourages people to wage anti-US,anti-imperialist class struggle.

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