Wednesday, 28 March 2018

KCNA Commentary on Ulterior Aim behind Dialogue

Pyongyang, March 28 (KCNA) -- The south Korean military warmongers get frantic with the north-targeted arms build-up and military confrontation with the north, swimming against the trend towards the improvement of the inter-Korean ties.

They are going to purchase over 170 long-range air-to-ground Taurus missiles from Germany in March and then more than 90 ones between 2019 and 2020 in a bid to introduce new striking means for precision strike at major military installations in the north in the event of contingency.

They claim that they will provide the air force with 40 U.S. F-35A stealth fighters for real war. They also claim that as the New OPLAN the keynote of which is to completely neutralize our leadership and main forces within some hours' time has been completed, they are examining a plan to purchase over 2 600 ballistic missiles of various missions earlier than the set time to carry it out.

What does the reckless action taken by the trigger-happy forces for arms build-up and military confrontation with the north behind the curtain of the dialogue show?

It is the revelation of the ulterior intention to block the trend towards the improvement of the north-south relations provided with so much effort and to stand against the north by force of arms to the last.

Are the massive introduction of Taurus, which is called the main means of the Kill Chain, the system of preemptive strike at the north, and of other striking means targeting the strategic vantages of the north and the creation of the task force brigade for attacking long-range guns of the north related to the dialogue and the improvement of the inter-Korean relations?

It is height of impudence to talk about dialogue with hostile approach to strike dialogue partner.

Such provocations are the reckless action to follow in the footsteps of the former conservative regimes that destroyed the inter-Korean relations and caused vicious cycles of confrontation, crying out for the "confrontation accompanied by dialogue".

It is impossible to talk about genuine reconciliation and unity with a dagger in one's belt and any agreement will be a dead document.

It is a serous lesson drawn from the north-south relations full of ups and downs.

It has been proved by the crimes of the "yusin" dictator who agreed at the historic July 4 joint statement but made it a dead document and run amuck for confrontation, crying out for the "confrontation accompanied by dialogue," and the ones of the groups of traitors Lee Myung Bak and Park Geun Hye who blatantly violated the precious agreements common to the nation and drove the inter-Korean relations to catastrophe.

Dialogue and confrontation can not go together.

The ill-boding military confrontation racket under the eyes of the north shows that the south Korean authorities dream of something else, though they are paying lip service to dialogue and peace.

The inter-Korean ties and the situation prevailing on the Korean Peninsula call for prudent remarks and actions.

The foolish act to threaten and provoke us by force of arms must be stopped.

The "confrontation accompanied by dialogue" will result in irrevocable ruin. -0-

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