Wednesday, 25 August 2010

UK KFA slams south Korean fascist puppets for arresting Rev Han

The south Korean fascist puppet regime have arrested the Rev Han Sang Ryol a 70 year Christian pastor and reunification champion of south Korea.He had
visited the DPRK to mark the 10th anniversary of the historic June 15 declaration and had stayed in the DPRK for 2 months.The Rev Han had
visited the DPRK to promote peace and reunification.
His visit was declared illegal by the south Korean puppets.When he returned to south Korea via Panmumjom he was met by south Korean police
including 1,000 riot police and immediately arrested.
The fact that he was arrested shows that the south Korean fascist regime is opposed to the peaceful reunification of Korea and even people
visiting the DPRK.The despotism of the south Korean fascists can be clearly seen as no even a Christian pastor was immune to their repression.
In Europe one of the few divided countries is Ireland(divided into the Republic of Ireland and northern Ireland under British rule)there have
been no cases of people in recent years being arrested for simply visiting the other side and meeting political figures.
UK KFA call for the immediate release of the Rev Han and call for all democrats to campaign for his release.

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