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50 years of Songun revolutionary leadership

by ASSPUK and JISGE Chairman
It is said that the first step of any journey is the most important and Korean people say that well began is half completed.The great leader comrade Kim Jong Il took the first step of the Songun revolutionary leadership on the 25th of August 1960 when he visted the historic Guard Ryu Kyong Su 105 Seoul Tank Divsion. This was the tank unit which liberated Seoul on the 28th of June 1950.The unit smashed down the walls of division,which had been erected by the US imperialists,shattering the domination and oppression of thedepraved and nefarious Yankee imperialists the Korean people’s sworn enemy.It is said that the tank is the central component of modern warfare,it combines operational mobility with tactical offensive and defensive capablities.Thus the visit of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il to the tank unit had profound significance in several different ways.
This first step on the road of Songun revolutionary leadership explemified concept of Songun that miltary affairs should be put before political affairs.The Songun revolutionary leadership was a continuation in a higher form of the Juche revolutionary cause that had been pioneered by the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung.It marked the start of a new era in the Juche revolution.
This is the whole essence of Songun the guiding idea of the Korean and world revolutions and is an embodiment of the Juche idea.The idea of putting military affairs first came from the experience of the Korean revolution which can be summed up as Arms are the life and soul of the revolution.The Korean revolution can be said to have began in earnest when the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung was bequeathed 2 pistols by his late father Kim Hyong Jik.The Korean revolution advanced through arms during the 20 year long anti Japanese armed struggle and in the fiery crucible of the great victorious Fatherland Liberation War.
When the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il gave guidance to the Guard Ryu Kyong Su 105 Tank division US imperialism,the chieftain of world imperialism and main force of aggression and war was instensfiying its aggressive manoeuvres and domination all over the world.It had intervened in the Congo killing Patric Lumumba the Congo’s first leader.It carried out the Cold War against the socialist countries.In particular in turned its attention to Korea.It shipped in nuclear weapons into south Korea in the 1950s and reinforced its conventional armed forces there.It was inciting its puppets in south Korea to “march north” to attack the DPRK.
Imperialism had also penetrated the international communist movement in the form of modern revisionism.The modern revisionists caused splits and confusion.The socialist camp was split into two creating a dangerous situation.The modern revisionists compromised with the US imperialists and stifled the anti imperialist struggle,.Jabbering about ’peaceful co existence’ they embarked unilateral and one sided disarmament of the socialist camp. In 1962 Khruschov betrayed Cuba to the US imperialists.
Thus the need was for Korea strengthen and consolidate its self defence capablities a revolutionary line in opposition to both US imperialism and modern revisionism. The great leader President Kim Il Sung and the dear leader comrade Kim Jong Il knew that socialism could not be defended by just talking about “peaceful co existence” and other such flowery and effete phraselogy.The whole experience of the Korean revolution showed that the revolution was defended and advanced by the gun .Leader Kim Jong Il thus wisely took stock of the prevailing internal and international situation so gave on the spot guidance at the Seoul Guards Ryu Kyong Su 105 tank division,thus putting military affairs first fully encapsulating the truth of Songun and the experience of the Korean revolution.During
his guidance leader Kim Jong Il emphasised that ideological and political education must be instensfied as well combat training.

The Korean People’s Army was fortified ideologically and politically. It was built up as the army of the leader,party and working class.As the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il said
“The People’s Army is the revolutionary armed force of the Workers Party of Korea and its mission is to defend with arms the revolutionary cause of our party”

It was also built into a strong army ,a revolutionary army of Mt Paektu fully inheriting the traditions of the anti Japanese armed struggle. It became an army in which each of its soldiers was a match for a hundred enemy soldiers(though the anti party revisionists tried to oppose the revolutionary slogan “ a match for a hundred”).
Leader Kim Jong Il taught as follows

“We must must inspire the entire Party membership and working people and soldiers of the People’s Army with a firm conviction of victory and dauntless fighting spirit so that if the enemy assaults us we shall rise as one as smite the aggressors violently for the honour of Juche Korea under the direction of the leader”.
Under the Songun based revolutionary leadership of leader Kim Jong Il the KPA and Korean people smited US imperialism with full force.In January 1968 the USS Pueblo an armed spy pirate ship of the US imperialist aggressors was captured by the KPA navy off Wonsan(the Pueblo can be seen today on the bank of the river Taedong).The US imperialists demanded the immediate return the ship falsely claiming that it was in “international waters” and the cowardly revisionists tried to advise the DPRK to send the ship and its crew back.
The great leader comrade Kim Jong Il said
"Nowadays people of a certain country are saying that if a war breaks out in Korea it will be serious problem,and “advising us” it would be better to have the Pueblo quietly released.This would mean making a concession to US imperialism,and we can never do such a thing.A concession to US imperialism means submission and surrender.Since the our People’s Arm“Ny did not capture the “Pueblo” on the sea off the United States,but when it was in violation of our country’s territorial waters and engaged in in acts of espionage,we need to neither make any concession to the Americans or pander to them

The DPRK resolutely stood firm and refused to do so until an apolegy from the US was issued

In 1969 the US imperialist spy plane EC121 tried to infiltrate into DPRK but was shot down by the KPA airforce.In 1994 a US army helicopter infiltrated into DPRK airspace and was brought down by one shot by the KPA.
The US imperialists seeked to isolate and stifle the DPRK by inventing the nuclear issue on the Korean peninsula leading to the 1st ‘Korean nuclear crisis’ in the 1990s and the 2nd one in the 2000s.The DPRK refused to bow down and instead declared a semi war state and announced its intention to withdraw from the one sided and inquitous NPT in 1993.This move stunned the US and they had to enter into talks.
When Bush vocificated about a “rogue state” and “axis of evil” and raked up the 2nd nuclear crisis the DPRK under the Songun supreme commander comrade Kim Jong Il responded with a series of hardline measures namely withdrawing completely from the NPT and declaring itself a nuclear state.This was not mere words,the DPRK succesfully carried out nuclear tests in October 2006 and May 2009.It nuclear device was the fruit of self reliance based 100% on Korean resources and technology.
Thus under the Songun revolutionary leadership the DPRK has been fortified ever more strongly as powerful socialist state of independence.A country of Juche which is able to do what it likes and say what it like no matter what others may say or think.Comrade Kim Jong Il brilliant commander of Songun declared on the 1st of January 1995,at the Takasbol army post that the Korean people had a choice of either being an independent people adhering to socialism or colonial slaves of imperialism.Thanks to the Songun revolutionary leadership of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il the DPRK has been able to smash the unceasing pressure and moves of US and world imperialism to isolate and stifle the DPRK.The DPRK has carried proudly along the road of Juche defying the imperialists.The Songun revolutionary leadership has carried forward the Juche revolutionary cause and is propelling it ever onward to final victory.
The 50 years of the Songun revolutionary leadership of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il,illustrious brilliant commander of Songun,have been 50 years of victory and glory

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