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Anti-reunification Theory of Confrontational Maniac

Traitor Lee Myung-bak, in an address released on August 15, presented an extremely anti-reunification scheme so-called the “three-phase-unification policy” through “peace community”, “economic community” and “national community” presupposing “abandonment of nukes by the north”.

The so-called “peace community”, “economic community” and “national community” are a revised version of the “unification policy of the Korean nation community” set forth by the preceding military dictator Ro Tae-woo with the “No nukes, openness and 3 000$”, an anti-reunification policy of the present regime.

They are an anti-nation and anti-reunification confrontation policy to all intents and purposes.

It is preposterous to claim the “peace community” while staging war exercises against north Korea, the same brethren, with the US almost everyday, the “economic community” while breaking down all the projects of inter-Korean cooperation and the “national community” while totally negating the inter-Korean declarations.

The traitor also talked about “unification tax”. It is an extremely rude remark seeking the alleged German-style “unification through absorbing the north” in anticipation of an “emergency in the north”.

The “unification tax” touted by the traitor is in essence a division tax, confrontation tax and war tax to squander the blood taxes squeezed from the south Korean people to the showdown with the compatriots and war preparations and the realization of the wild ambition for “unification through absorbing the north”.

The vituperation let loose by traitor Lee in the “address” with a treacherous ill intention to find an exit from the ever-deteriorating ruling crisis in the showdown with the compatriots relying on the outsiders, is an all-out declaration of confrontation of systems against north Korea.

Now the south Korean people from all walks of life brand the traitor’s remarks as an anti-reunification declaration of showdown with the compatriots which totally destroys the inter-Korean relations and drives the situation to a brink of war, and dynamically wage the struggle against Lee Myung-bak.

Those who are hell-bent on confrontation and war turning their back on the nation will get nothing but a shameful death.

Will They Really Spark Off a War?

Despite the strong protest and denunciation of the Korean people and world peace-loving people, the US imperialists and south Korean puppet warmongers launched the provocative joint military exercises “Ulji Freedom Guardian”, the largest-ever nuclear war rehearsal against the DPRK, across south Korea on August 16.

Mobilized in the drills were some 30,000 US troops from south Korea and abroad, more than 56,000 troops of the south Korean army including corps, fleet command and commands above flying wing-level and numerous latest war equipment.

The commander of the US Forces Korea openly said that the current joint military exercises are one of the joint command and staff drills largest scale in the world.

The war maniacs get frenzied on the nuclear war drills targeting the DPRK clamoring about a so-called “counteracting to security threat” and “defense”.

And the warmongers staged on August 16 the “Ulji” rehearsal, an actual war drill for a war time by mobilizing over 400,000 persons including employees of the administration organs and members of the civilian enterprises. The US imperialists and the Lee Myung-bak group of traitors run amuck in military provocation to ignite a comprehensive war on the Korean Peninsula at any cost under the pretext of the “Cheonan” incident and push the situation to the worst phase.

Now various civic organizations and people in south Korea are turning out as one in the struggle against the war for peace with the soaring indignation against the US and the Lee Myung-bak group of traitors who drove the situation of the Korean Peninsula to a brink of war and the inter-Korean relations to an irretrievable catastrophe by conducting successive war exercises against the north.

A spokesman for the Democratic Labor Party noted in a commentary on August 10 that owing to the military provocation of the US and the south Korean regime under the pretext of the warship sinking incident the tension on the peninsula got further strained, condemning the Lee regime for staging joint military exercises with the US by mobilizing a US nuclear aircraft carrier, and other exercises to invade the north in succession till the end of this year.

What the people want is peace of the Korean Peninsula and the inter-Korean reconciliation and cooperation, the commentary said and added that it can never tolerate the attempts to unleash a war on this land demanding the US and the south Korean regime retract all plans of saber rattling.

Meanwhile, the Christian organizations called a press conference at a Christian hall in Seoul on August 12, denouncing that after the advent of the Lee regime the inter-Korean relations were collapsed and the reunification process was blocked. They claimed that the current regime should stop at once the joint military exercises with the US and resume the civilian exchange with the north.

The south Korean Confederation of Trade Unions denounced in a statement on August 14 that the US and the Lee Myung-bak regime enforced large-scale war exercises aimed at invading the north in the East and West Seas of Korea advocating “retaliation”. Asking back “for whom the confrontation and war are needed” the statement demanded the war fanatics stop immediately the dangerous war exercises against the north.

The statement stressed that workers would more vigorously wage the struggle to safeguard peace of the Korean Peninsula and achieve the independent reunification of the nation.

South Korean students also staged demos on August 15 in Seoul condemning the puppet group’s confrontation moves against the north.

They denounced the reckless moves of the puppet warmongers engrossed in the saber rattling to invade the north running wild in confrontation against the north, chanting slogans such as “Switchover the hard-line north Korea policy

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