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On recent propaganda by the media against the People's Korea and the issue of women's rights -special article for UK KFA , JISGE and ASSPU(UK) by Dr Dermot Hudson


Recently various news outlets such as the lying BBC (the British Brainwashing Corporation ) and the trendy liberal "Guardian " of the mainstream media have been carrying shock horror headlines about the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK ) such as "North Korean women reveal extent of sexual violence" clearly designed to demonise the DPRK and is yet another twist in the long running campaign of propaganda and psychological warfare against People's Korea being waged by US and world imperialism , a propaganda war that has continued without let up or truce despite the June 12 DPRK-US summit between  Trump and the DPRK supreme leader respected Marshal Kim Jong Un ,as well as three separate inter-Korean summits . These latest salvo is timed to coincide with a vote in the United Nations on an anti-DPRK resolution sponsored by the EU and Japan as well trying to turn feminists and advocates of women's rights against People's Korea .
   What is the source of these blatantly false allegations against People's Korea ? It well it actually a report produced by "Human Rights Watch "(HRW) , a US based organisation which has its headquarters in New York , so cannot be expected to be neutral or objective when it comes to dealing with the DPRK . It was been revealed that a major donor to "Human Rights Watch " is the arch globaliser George Soros and his anti-communist , anti-socialist  "Open Society  Foundation " . "Human Rights Watch " is no friend of progressive countries as it has for example previously attacked anti-imperialist Venezuela . Clearly HRW is a tool of imperialism which attacks countries that imperialism does not like .
  What is the source of the allegations against People's Korea that HRW is touting and that the mainstream media are keen to parrot without question . Well neither HRW nor the mainstream media have actually bothered to visit the DPRK and speak to women citizens  there . In fact the allegations come from a mere 62 "defectors " , ie people who committed crimes and betrayed their country and fled the DPRK . "Defectors " ,if one takes the figures at face value , account for a mere 0.1 per cent of the DPRK population , what about the voice of the other 99.9 per cent of the population? The anti-DPRK human rights lobby actually excludes the majority of the DPRK population who support the
government , party and supreme leadership of the DPRK , suppressing their voice. Excluding people actually runs counter to diversity and equality ;HRW would fail a diversity audit.
  Defectors have been shown time and time again to be lying . The testimony of "celebrity defector "Yeomi Park was torn to shreds and Shin Hyong Dok another celebrity "defector "  admitted to changing his story ."Defectors " can be paid up to $800,000 so it is no wonder they say the worst possible things they can think and make up all kinds of stories . The irony is that at least one so-called "defector " was convicted of rape in the DPRK and another one was accused of the rape of a minor .
   The fact is that in the DPRK rape and sexual violence are punishable by law . In the DPRK women enjoy equal rights with men .  This is enshrined in Article 77 of "Socialist Constitution  of the DPRK " which states " Women are accorded equal social status and rights with men.
The State shall afford special protection to mothers and children by providing maternity leave, reduced working hours for mothers with several children, a wide network of maternity hospitals, creches and kindergartens, and other measures.
The State shall provide all conditions for women to play their full roles in society". Moreover right from the start the DPRK guaranteed rights for women and abolished feudal and imperialist subordination of women  by publishing the DPRK Law on Sexual Equality  on the 30th of July
1946  . This law  " granted equal political freedom and rights with men.
By this law, women could participate in the election of all levels and had the right to vote and to be elected.
Also it regulated women had rights on same labour like men and rights of education.
This was the popular regulation which liberated them from the colonial labour life and absence of rights of education and guaranteed the equal stands with men in the economic life and made them to be creators of science and culture and enjoyers of it.
It regulated age of marriage, rights of free marriage and divorce, rights to claim the expense of bringing up a child and rights to inherit of assets and land equal with men. It also regulated to prohibit polygamy, feudal traditional customs which infringed the human rights such as the slave trade, licensed prostitute, unlicensed prostitute and professional entertainer system."( Report of DPRK Association for Human Rights Studies "  12 September 2014) .
In fact the DPRK had equal pay for equal work long before any of the Western imperialist countries.It is worth pointing out that in the DPRK women's equality is not just simply guaranteed by
legalisation but is buttressed by solid practical measures such as free of charge socialised childcare facilities with nurseries, kindergartens and creches everywhere . Moreover women in the DPRK have their own organisation , the Socialist Women's Union (formerly Democratic Women's Union of Korea ) , in Western countries there are no comparable mass organisations of women.

  Right from the start women were involved in building the new Korea of Juche . A key role was played by Madame Kim Jong Suk , the immortal anti-Japanese revolutionary heroine . She founded the Korean Democratic Democratic Womens Union and mobilised women to take part in building a new people's democratic country.She was also involed in the work of defence building.
  The great leader President Kim Il Sung declared that women are one of the two wheels of the revolution and that the revolution could not run on one wheel . Later the great leader comrade
Kim Jong Il called for the promotion of more women cadres and strongly criticised backward attitudes to women.
  The DPRK does not have the cultural climate that creates an atmosphere that leads to sexual violence against women. In 15 visits to the DPRK I have never seen pornography on sale anywhere and there are not pornographic films or images that degrade or demean women or portray women as sex objects . Also absent in the DPRK  constant and repetitive reference to sex that dominate modern culture in the imperialist countries . The cultural atmosphere in the DPRK is most wholesome . Women can walk safely on the streets at any time of day .I have never seen men in the DPRK wolf-whistle at women passing by . Similarly I have never ever encountered a woman in the DPRK selling sex. However I remember returning from my last visit to the DPRK in September and coming back to London . I just went out to buy some fish and chips and encoutered a women trying to sell herself within 10 minutes..
 Indeed the imperialist countries suffer from a highly charged over-sexualised culture which has bred sexual violence against women and girls . In the UK at least 2 daily newspapers have pornographic content and pornography is sold very openly in newsagents shops , in fact indulgence in pornography is seen as normal and routine by some people as well as sado-maschoism. There are countless cases of extreme sexual violence in Western societies for example there was the case of the Austrian Josef Fritzl who raped his own daughter and imprisoned her . In the UK there was the case of the entertainer Jimmy Savile , who was actually an employee of the BBC for many years , carried out 214 sexual assaults. People like Fritzl and Savile were ultimately products of a sick dcaying society  where individualism , greed and decadence rule .
   All the Western countries have so-called "sex industries ". In those countries which have US bases
there is a high rate of sexual crimes as well as prostitution. In south Korea for example, it is calculated that up to 1 million women may be prostitutes or sex slaves for the US army . The US soldiers in south Korea commit horrendous sexual violence such as the murder of Yun Geum I in 1992 . We wonder why HRW does not investigate the sexual violence of US troops in south Korea and indeed other countries which have US troops.
 It is the imperialist countries and their satellite states that should be investigated for violations of human rights and sexual violence against women .
  We hope this toxic piece of propaganda by HRW will be rejected by progressive people as it simply there to demonize the DPRK .
Dr Dermot Hudson
 President Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK
Chairman Juche Idea Study Group of England
Official Delegate UK Korean Friendship Association
Member International Committee For the Study of Songun Politics

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