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Article exposes crimes of south Korean puppets and US imperialists -our thanks to crimes of colonialism website

outh Korea’s forgotten Holocaust

Written by Aidan Xavier

In the summer of 1950, an estimated 1,200,000 political prisoners in the Korean Peninsula were executed and tossed into mass graves. These crimes were covered up and happened in response to Kim Il Sung’s crossing of the 38th parallel in June of that same year. For years, these atrocious crimes had been wrongfully blamed on the Communists in the North, however, it has now been shown and proven that the South Korean Government, alongside the United States Military committed these massacres of South Korean civilians, all without a single trial. The US military officially abetted these mass-murders, and at least one US military officer was there to sanction these mass-killings at every mass grave. Those targeted were Communists, Communist sympathizers, sympathizers to North Korea in general, and other Korean Political dissidents. For years, the western media has been propagating the idea of “concentration camps” in the North, used against political prisoners, however it is none other than the United States that has done such a thing, and not North Korea. In Sinchon, North Korea alone, the United States in a period of three months massacred over 30,000 civilians. The Korean war remains one of the bloodiest wars in the history of mankind, in which US airbombers dropped more napalm and bombs on heavily populated North Korean cities than they did during the entire pacific campaign against Imperial Japan during World War II. Today, The United States through it’s puppet state, the Republic of Korea attempts to provoke the North Korean State into a second Korean war, in which millions of more Koreans would perish. The point of this essay of mine is to inform every American of what their country did then (and what they will do now if we allow them to) and why America has no right and certainly no standing telling North Korea how to govern itself. This article is dedicated to every Korean among the millions of Korean civilians and North Korean and Chinese People’s Liberation Army soldiers who lost their lives fighting against the Fascist United States and it’s puppet state the Republic of Korea in the South.

The Bodo League Massacre - Taking lessons from Adolf Hitler

Under the leadership of President Syngman Rhee, a group called the “Bodo League” was born. The League’s mission in the public eye was “re-education” of suspected Communists or North Korean sympathizers in the Republic of Korea. Like the Nazi “Deportation” camps, the true purpose of these camps was disguised from the public eye. What was made to appear as “reeducation” was actually the systematic killing of hundreds of thousands of Korean political dissidents, who were killed to stop a “possible fifth column” in the Republic of Korea. Over a very short period of time, Korean civilians were executed like livestock, and tossed into mass graves. This massacre was abetted by the USAMGIK, and at least one US military officer was at the sites to sanction the killings. Along with US military presence, there, too, were also British and Australian witnesses to the mass-killings, among which a 12 or 13 year old girl was reportedly executed and buried among others. Many among the dead were small Children, and family members of suspected Communists or North Korean Sympathizers. South Korean Retired Admiral Nam Sang Hui confessed that he authorized the killings of 200 people and their bodies being thrown out to sea, remaking that “There was no time for trials for them”. Even if trials had been arranged, they would be akin to that of trials in the courts of Germany in the 1930′s and 40′s, for these people had committed no crimes. The horrible crime they committed, in the eyes of the USAMGIK officers who were happy to assist in this genocide, and in the eyes of Syngman Rhee and his cronies, was that these people were Communists. They had committed the crime of political dissent, and for this they and their families are now beneath the ground, riddled in bullets, and while these people lie beneath the ground, their cries for justice going unheard for decades, we in America stand and salute our flag, praise “our troops” of which this has become a sort of holy word, as they participate in Systematic Genocide in Iraq, or violate the sovereignty of Afghanistan, and we say our pledge. We praise our “Democracy” when our “Democracy” is nothing other than a farce, the image of our Bald eagle, a predatory and vicious animal, no different than the imagery of the Fascist eagle perched on the Swastika of Nazi Germany.
Today, not much has changed. South Korea experiences extreme poverty despite an “abundant economy”, political dissent is systematically crushed and silenced, and it is illegal for a South Korean to say anything with positive reverence towards their brothers in the North. In America, however, our perceptions couldn’t be more skewed, we are taught exactly the opposite of what is true. For example, right now I am speaking of actual concentration camps proven to exist in South Korea, providing pictures, statistics and other forms of evidence, and the expected form of response I’d most likely see would amount of something alone the lines of “Well, in North Korea people starve” or, “As if they don’t throw people into concentration camps in North Korea” my response consists simply that there is no substantial evidence for any of this. The supposed defectors could easily be actors (and considering the resources of the United States that wouldn’t be hard to pull off) and these actors generally do not carry passports or any form of identification, and even attempt to hide their identity making their claims entirely anonymous and unbelievable. North Korea is the size of Wales in the United Kingdom, if they “escaped” North Korea, they’d have no reason to want to hide their identity. Something else to note is the number of people who “defected” from North Korea and then returned upon finding life in South Korea unlivable, hundreds of Koreans have defected BACK to North Korea. What were their reasons for leaving in the first place? One defector, Pak Jong Suk, says the following concerning this:
“I illegally crossed the border on the night of March 29, 2006 in a foolish hope of meeting my father who went to South Korea due to the A-bomb scare made by the U.S. imperialists during the Korean War and getting money from him”
She did not leave North Korea due to lack of food, political oppression, or anything of the like. Her father left because he was afraid the United States would bomb North Korea and that he would die. This is quite distinct from the claims made by the United States about the reasoning of defectors. She left, most likely, out of the same fear of the perils of war. She added:
“I was taken in by the luring tactics of South Korean Intelligence Service agents in an alien land and handed over by them according to their scenario. This was how I was taken to south Korea at around 9 a.m. of June 29 of the same year”
She recalled that while living in South Korea for six years she led a life little short of a miserable slave’s for want of money. Referring to the living conditions of the “defectors from the north”, she said the jobs they could find at best were nothing but waste cleaning, vessel washing and servicing and other most hateful and difficult jobs. “The suicidal rate among them is five times that among other south Koreans”, she said. “They ardently wish to return to the DPRK, cursing corrupt South Korean society and reproaching themselves.”
Dead Korean Civilians
We need only look at the Ganghwa massacre, committed by South Korean Fascist police in January of the year 1951, to see how visibly Authoritative the Police State which protects the Fascist policies of South Korean politics which is itself a branch of the United States global empire. Over 1,300 civilians were massacred by South Korean State police, for the crime of being Communists. It is very interesting how, if a political radical were to detonate a bomb with the aim of killing no civilians while sending warnings as to facilitate the aim of keeping the bombing victimless in regards to civilians, and one or two civilians were hurt in this and it being not the aim of the radical, this would immediately discredit the political associations of the radical, rendering him a severe blow, relegating his political aims intensely. Why is it, then, that when the United States facilitates policies of aggression against other countries and groups of people, or establishes Concentration camps similar to that of the camps in Europe during World War II which killed 6 million Jews and 5 million Communists and Soviet P.O.W’s, homosexuals, political dissidents and “undesirables” thrown away by the elitist Fascist regime of Nazi Germany, it is somehow excusable? How is it excusable for the United States to drop bombs on foreign lands indiscriminately killing thousands of even millions of people through these carpet bombings and the like? It is not. These are not excusable. And those of us with a sense of ethical backbone, morality and love of humanity remember these crimes, hold the victims close to our hearts, and seek out retribution for those who are responsible for committing these crimes against humanity.

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