Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Statement by the KFA Ireland and the Ireland Juche-Songun Ideas Study Group. 29/07/2013

The Korean Friendship Association in Ireland pays tribute to the DPRK, 

her Army and her people on the 60th anniversary of her victory over 

imperialist invasion.

Statement by the KFA Ireland and the Ireland Juche-Songun Ideas Study 
Group. 29/07/2013

Scenes of triumph and hope were in abundant supply in recent days in 
Pyongyang and throughout the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea. 
Proud people, young and old alike, took to the streets, stadiums and 
squares to pay tribute to their proud nation and its heroic 
contribution to the defeat of imperialist invaders.

It was 60 years ago when the Korean Peoples Army, under the command of 
the Great Leader comrade Kim Il-Sung, fought to end the imperialist 
occupation of the Korean peninsula and unify a divided people. The US 
and UN imperialists, working with their fascist puppets in the South, 
did what they could to prevent the Korean people from achieving the 
unity they so desperately desired. The legacy of the brave men and 
women who gave lives and limbs for the fatherland will live on 
forever. The innocent women and children who were massacred by an 
invading force will never be forgotten.

In Kim il-Sung Square this week the people, the workers, the KPA and 
the leadership of the DPRK came together to show just how bright the 
legacy of the brave martyrs still shines. Thousands of soldiers from 
the Army, Navy and Air Force all gathered to pay tribute to the great 
generation who fought off the invading imperialists and fascists. The 
Dear Leader Marshall Kim Jong-Un took the tribune of honor along with 
other senior members of the Workers Party of Korea and international 
guests. The parade was followed by a firework display.

The KFA in Ireland looked at the events in Pyongyang this week with 
great pride and enthusiasm. The glorious displays of celebration and 
remembrance strengthened the resolve not only of the KFA Ireland, but 
that too of all anti-imperialists movements throughout the world, to 
work for the re-unification of the Korean peninsula and the end of 
Yankee occupation. This must be a priority for all those who stand by 
the DPRK, her people and her party. Support too for unification must 
be matched with an equal struggle for the protection of the Juche 
system that has fed and protected the Korean people for decades.

It is hoped that by the 61st anniversary of victory in the Great 
Fatherland Liberation War great efforts will be made to bring the 
Korean people a year closer to unity and liberation. It is times like 
this, when we see such beautiful triumph in the DPRK, that we must 
offer a thought for the unfortunate souls living in the capitalist 
puppet state. Their future is not found in occupation or mindless 
subservience to the United States. Their future is as a free people in 
a united Korea. It is the duty of all those who stand against 
imperialism and capitalism to support this dream for a strong and 
united Korea.

At this important time of the year KFA Ireland would like to renew a 
call we made at the US Embassy in Dublin earlier this year. We call 
now, as we have done so on many occasions in the past, for the 
immediate and complete removal of all foreign troops from the Korean 
peninsula. There can be no shared future or lasting peace in Korea for 
as long as the destiny of half the Korean peninsula is in the hands of 
a foreign power. Our call is a simple one but it is one we will 
continue to make until the end of US occupation in Korea.

On a final note the KFA Ireland, along with the Ireland Juche-Songun 
Ideas Study Group, would like to pay a personal tribute to the dead 
heroes who gave their lives in the defense of the DPRK and in the war 
against imperialism. Their bravery will not soon be forgotten, nor 
will their immense contribution to their country. We pay tribute to 
them and commemorate what they have done for all freedom loving 
people. At this time of year our thoughts must too be with their 
families. They have endured tragic loss in the struggle against 
invasion and must be proud of what their brave relatives achieved

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