Friday, 3 December 2021

Anti-US Independent Meeting 2021 held

Anti-US Independent Meeting 2021 held


The People's Joint Action held the Anti-US Independent Meeting 2021.

W'll wage a struggle for dissolution of the south Korea-US alliance, we'll make a nationwide joint front led by the People's Joint Action permanently, the joint representative declared in his speech.

There is no other way for our people to make a living, but to turn out in the struggle for independence against the US, the other stressed.

Meanwhile, the actions for denunciation of the US were staged in Busan, South Gyeongsang Province on the same day.


People from all walks of life in the struggle against the US



Thursday, 2 December 2021

KCNA Commentary on Japan's Dangerous Move for Overseas Aggression

Pyongyang, December 2 (KCNA) -- Japan has become further pronounced in its attempt at overseas expansion.

At a recent ministerial meeting, the Japanese government decided to extend the duration of an escort ship of the Maritime "Self-defence Force" dispatched to the sea off Somalia for one more year and to increase the number of the crew under the pretext of "counter-piracy activities".

It also decided to extend the duration of activities of SDF dispatched to multinational forces and inspection group in the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt for one more year.

What can not be overlooked are the military operations of the maritime SDF that is gaining momentum.

In November, it held joint drills with carrier strike force of the British navy in the Aden Bay in the sea off Somalia and joint exercises with the Australian navy in the sea south of Shikoku.

It frequently holds joint exercises with multinational forces in the seas off Japan. A good example is the five-nation joint military exercises it conducted with the naval forces of the U.S., Australia, Canada and Germany in the Philippine Sea near the southern part of Japan for 10 days until November 30.

Experts contend that the drill would threaten peace in East Asia and arouse displeasure of regional countries as more than 30 warships including the nuclear carrier Carl Vinson of the U.S. navy and dozens of airplanes were involved in it.

Japan's repeated extension of the SDF's overseas stay and intensive joint military drills are dangerous moves aimed to launch overseas aggression any moment by perfecting the SDF's war capability and by regularizing and validating its overseas advance.

Since the adoption of a law on overseas dispatch under the slogan of "peace-keeping" in 1992, Japan has dispatched SDF forces to various parts overseas, accumulating experiences in actual wars.

The SDF dispatched overseas under various pretexts have had their durations repeatedly extended and they continue to expand the scope of military operation overseas.

The SDF has already turned into regular armed forces of attack type, in breach of the principle of "exclusive defence".

However, the Japanese authorities now plan to double the military spending that has so far been limited to be less than 1% of GDP for next year, which will earmark the biggest budget for "defence".

The Japanese media comment that in case this is realized, Japan will come third in the world in the military expenditure.

The ultimate goal of Japan is to rapidly become a military power and develop attack weapons and thus contain regional countries and retake its past position as a suzerain country.

Japan is a war criminal country which provoked a war of aggression against Asian countries in the past and also a war defeated nation. It is a criminal country that has not redeemed its past though the lapse of several decades.

This country with such dangerous outlook on history is bolstering military capabilities for attack which indicates that it can come out for overseas aggression any moment.

Herein lies a reason why the international community should be vigilant against Japan's moves.

Japan should bear in mind that rushing headlong into bolstering military buildup, being oblivious of its past history, will bring it self-destruction only. -0-

Resolution of Political Bureau of WPK Central Committee Announced

Pyongyang, December 2 (KCNA) -- The Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) announced a resolution on convening the 4th Plenary Meeting of the 8th Central Committee of the WPK on December 1.

According to the resolution, the 4th Plenary Meeting of the 8th Central Committee of the WPK is to be convened in the last third of December to review the implementation of major Party and the state policies for 2021 and to discuss and decide on work plans for new year. -0

Wednesday, 1 December 2021

5th Political Bureau Meeting of 8th C.C., WPK Held

Pyongyang, December 2 (KCNA) -- The 5th Political Bureau Meeting of the 8th Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) took place at the office building of the Party Central Committee on December 1.

Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the WPK, was present at the meeting.

Also at the meeting were members of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the C.C., WPK and members and alternate members of the Political Bureau of the Party Central Committee.

The meeting discussed the issue of convening the 4th Plenary Meeting of the 8th Central Committee of the WPK.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un presided over the meeting.

General Secretary Kim Jong Un referred to the fact that the major policy targets decided at the 8th Party Congress have been pushed forward forcefully and militantly all the year round thanks to the correct guidance of the Party Central Committee though difficulties still lie in developing the country's economy.

He said that it is very encouraging that the positive changes were made in the overall state affairs including politics, economy, culture, and national defence as evidenced by the stable management of the state economy and big successes made in the agricultural and construction sectors prioritized by our Party, adding that every field accumulated valuable experiences needed for the future development in this course.

Saying that the successes registered by us show that the overall affairs that had been planned to lay a foundation for the economic development of the country and the improvement of people's living standard have been vigorously pushed forward and that they give self-confidence in a fresh victory of our own-style socialism, he noted that the appraisal of this year by the Party Central Committee is that it is the one of victory in general.

Noting that next year will be an important one as we should wage a very giant struggle as much as we did this year, he said that the Party Central Committee should work out the plans for the new year well to be dynamic, onward, scientific and detailed, and consolidate the foundation for implementing the five-year plan.

He gave assignments for the preparation of the plenary meeting.

The Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the WPK adopted a resolution on convening the 4th Plenary Meeting of the 8th Central Committee of the Party during the last third of December and discussed what to put on the agendas of the plenary meeting. -0-

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In opposition to deployment of THAAD

The south Korean people from all walks of life file a strong protest with the military and the USFK against continuous introduction of various war supplies into THAAD base in Seongju County of North Gyeongsang Province.

Owing to deployment of THAAD without let-up, inhabitants is under  threat, sufferer from cancer is on the rise and some even died in villages nearby THAAD base, the military and the USFK don't regard citizen as human, organizations censure.

Civic organizations including the Progressive Federation of University Students of south Korea and the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions condemn the US and the present authorities for reducing this land to an advanced missile base of the US for an invasion of the north.

Deployment of THAAD is an invasion, we are against the scheme of the US to turn the Korean peninsula into a theater of war, they denounce.

Now broad segments of the people including residents of Soseong-ri and civic organizations, chanting slogans "No THAAD, peace!" and "Dig up THAAD, plant peace!" harden their determination to wage a vigorous action against THAAD deploymen

An Analysis of the south Korean economy by the Pyongyang Mission of the AINDF

Recently south Korea falls into a debtor country.

A rate of the "national debt" which was 36 percent of "GDP" of south Korea in 2017, increases rapidly by 50 percent this year. Some estimates put the amount of the "national debt" at more than 900 billion US dollars in 2022.

As the amount of the "national debt" increases rapidly, the next generation is destined to shoulder a huge debt. The present "regime" of south Korea will go down to history as a "regime blown away all public finance", the people from all walks of life censure.

Owing to the rapid increase of the "national debt", crisis of the south Korean economic system is anticipated to be further aggravated.

An increasing rate of the "national debt" of south Korea is more than 10 percent in the last 2 years, which is unparalleled in the world. At this rate, the increasing rate will reach more than 66 percent in 2026.

After all, the south Korean economy could not help drifting toward bankruptcy due to the spiraling "national debt"; it might make the same mistake as Japan degraded to 3rd-class state because of its slow growth, they said.

It follows as a natural consequence of the economy of south Korea, a colonial subcontract one.

On the contrary, the south Korean authorities always say "a forward country".

However, the increase of the "national debt" reveals that south Korea is not an advanced country and its economy, too, is a bubble one.