Saturday, 14 May 2022

Precious Guiding Principle for Building a New Society, Independent and Prosperous


May 13, 1982 is the meaningful day when President Kim Il Sung published the immortal work: “For the Strengthening of Cooperation between the Non-Aligned Countries in their News Services”.

The work of President Kim Il Sung is of historic significance for non-aligned countries to actively conduct news activities in the field of news services as befits the respective noble ideals so as to actively promote the world peoples’ just cause of building a new society, independent and prosperous, against all types of domination and subordination, and to strengthen and develop the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM).

At that time, the imperialists, panic-stricken by the world peoples’ revolutionary struggle for independence against imperialism that was gathering momentum with each passing day, made desperate attempts to sustain and expand their supremacy over the world, and launched, in particular, unprecedented reactionary offensive targeting peoples of newly-emerging countries through the medium of news report.

President Kim Il Sung, gaining deep insight into the fact that neither strengthening and developing of NAM nor building of an independent world can be achieved unless we terminate the monopoly and arbitrariness of imperialists in the field of news services, gave detailed tasks and means to the NAM countries so that they can expose and stop the reactionary report and propaganda of the imperialists by conducting revolutionary news report activities.

President Kim Il Sung saw to it that slander and calumny and false propaganda by the imperialists are fully exposed and shattered by making an extensive coverage of the news on peoples of newly-emerging countries who were making their struggle to build a new prosperous society under the banner of independence against imperialism.

Thanks to the sagacious leadership of President Kim Il Sung, we could deal a heavy blow to the imperialists’ mouthpiece media that used to stifle the voices of justice of world people aspiring after independence, concoct falsehood and distort the truth and obstinately spread corrupt and reactionary ideological virus that disrupts the people’s sound cogitative faculty.

President Kim Il Sung later saw to it with sagacity that all the peace-loving peoples of the world launch joint struggle to frustrate the moves of aggression and war of the imperialists, and to safeguard peace and security of the world on several occasions of international conferences such as World Conference of Journalists for Anti-imperialism, Friendship and Peace that took place in Pyongyang in July, 1983.

Like this, the outstanding and dynamic activities of President Kim Il Sung served as a strong impetus for terminating the monopoly and arbitrariness of the imperialists in the field of communication and report, enabling all countries and nations to maintain independence and peace-loving peoples of the world to safeguard peace and security of the world while actively conducting anti-war peace movement.

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